The Truth About The Ace Family's Catherine McBroom

The ACE Family, helmed by parents Austin and Catherine McBroom (née Paiz), is one of the hottest YouTube sensations out there. Along with their three children, Elle, Alaïa, and Steel, the McBrooms have garnered a massive following. Their YouTube channel, which gives fans an inside look at their adorable family and their exploits, has more than 19 million followers and counting.

Each member of The ACE Family is important, but it's safe to say that the channel wouldn't be nearly as successful as it is without Catherine. An influencer in her own right — she has millions of followers on Instagram – Catherine is also a dedicated wife, mom, and entrepreneur who has leveraged her internet fame into a substantial fortune and worldwide renown. Whether you're a longtime fan of The ACE Family or just getting to know Catherine and the rest of the McBrooms, there's a lot about this internet sensation that you don't know. So without further ado, here's the truth about The Ace Family's Catherine McBroom.

Catherine McBroom was bullied as a kid

It's hard to believe that someone as beautiful and successful as Catherine McBroom was ever anything but popular, but Catherine hasn't always been quite so beloved as she is now. In fact, her childhood was made difficult by bullying, something that she opened up about in The ACE Family's very first YouTube video.

In the video, which was filmed when she was pregnant with her first daughter, Elle McBroom, she revealed that her greatest fear for her daughter was that she would also be bullied growing up. "I always had, like, mean girls," Catherine revealed, adding that she's had to deal with "haters" ever since she was in kindergarten. 

While it's something she never wants her daughter to face, Catherine added that being bullied as a kid did at least give her "such a tough skin," something that has helped her deal with critics as an adult.

Catherine McBroom is quite the athlete

While it's Catherine McBroom's husband, Austin McBroom, who is known for his athletic prowess – he's a former college basketball player (via ESPN) – Catherine has some pretty impressive athletic skills of her own. In a throwback Instagram post, Catherine shared a snap of herself on the ice, revealing that she played hockey for four years as a kid. And even though she quit playing hockey, Catherine is still at home on the ice, and proved it in a 2013 video in which she effortlessly glides on the rink.

Ice skating and hockey are far from Catherine's only athletic skills, though. A 2014 Instagram video of her sinking shots shows that she's also good at basketball. In an ACE Family YouTube video, Catherine revealed that she also played soccer and volleyball and was a swimmer growing up. As her husband put it, Catherine "can float for hours" in the pool.

Catherine McBroom speaks several languages

Not only is Catherine McBroom skilled at several different sports, but she also speaks several different languages. She revealed in a video on The ACE Family YouTube channel that, in addition to English, she also speaks French and Spanish. 

Catherine explained that she grew up speaking English and Spanish, as her parents are both immigrants from Panama who spoke both of the languages at home. She added that she had to learn French as well because, as a French Canadian, the only schools available to her were French schools. Naturally, she had to learn the language when she started her educational journey. By the time she was in first grade, Catherine spoke all three languages with ease.

Catherine ended up putting her language skills to good use before she was a YouTube sensation. In a 2014 Instagram post, she revealed that four years earlier, she'd spent a year tutoring English, French, and Spanish in Shenyang, China.

Austin and Catherine McBroom had a whirlwind romance

The ACE Family is among YouTube's most popular stars for good reason. Not only are the kids adorable, but Catherine and Austin McBroom have a sweet relationship; fans love that their affection for each other is apparent in their videos. The pair met first at a dinner party, although they'd known of each other through social media, as Austin told Power 106 Los Angeles.

Austin was immediately smitten, and was the first to say "I love you." And while Austin knew right away that he wanted a life with Catherine, Catherine was more cautious at the beginning of their relationship. She even ignored him when he said he loved her for the first time. "I just wasn't used to like, things happening so quick, and things being so real so quick," she explained.

In a video on The ACE Family YouTube channel, Catherine admitted she didn't think didn't think she'd stay with Austin as she'd been hurt in relationships before. She has faith in their love now, though. "I really do think that Austin and I are meant to be in every way possible," she said.

Catherine McBroom always knew she'd have three kids

Catherine and Austin McBroom have three beautiful children together: Elle, Alaïa, and Steel McBroom. Additionally, Catherine always knew that she was destined to have three children, thanks to an encounter with a psychic when she was a little girl. As she explained in The ACE Family's first YouTube video, the psychic told her that she was going to have three children when she was just 10 years old.

Catherine forgot about the incident for years, but realized after meeting and falling in love with Austin that the psychic had also predicted her relationship with him. Of course, at the time that Catherine and Austin filmed that video, she was pregnant with her first baby, so there was no telling if she was right about the number of kids she would have. Now that she does, in fact, have three children, it seems like the psychic was right.

Catherine McBroom says her aura is blue

Catherine McBroom is definitely a believer in the supernatural. Not only does she believe that a psychic accurately predicted her future, but she also claims to know the color of her aura. Catherine revealed in a 2014 Instagram post that the her aura is blue, although she didn't provide any details beyond that.

As noted by Mind Body Green, different aura colors mean different things, but blue is typically "associated with expression and communication." Given the fact that Catherine is a world-famous influencer and YouTube celebrity, her aura being blue makes total sense. Additionally, as spiritual author Shannon Kaiser told the outlet, a turquoise aura means the person has "confidence in knowledge." People with turquoise auras are often leaders, so we can definitely see Catherine having a turquoise aura. Kaiser also said that those with a light blue aura "tend to be highly talented creatives and leaders," which also sounds like Catherine.

Catherine's aura could also be a darker blue, which can be found surrounding those who "share a strong connection with the unknown and enjoy the depth of life," according to Karishma Hira, a spiritual YouTuber.

Catherine McBroom has no regrets about getting cosmetic surgery

Catherine McBroom has quite a stunning physique. While she maintains her figure through diet, exercise, and a naturally high metabolism, some of her curves aren't natural. As the YouTube star explained in a 2013 Instagram post, she had breast augmentation surgery in 2010. And while some celebs have lied about getting plastic surgery, Catherine has been open and unapologetic when discussing her procedure.

Catherine explained that her surgeon used saline for the procedure, inserting it through her armpit which led to minimal scarring. Catherine has absolutely no regrets about having the elective procedure done, either. "I'm very open about it," she wrote. In Catherine's opinion, "life's too short to not go through with things that will make me happy," and her cosmetic surgery is one of those things. In the hashtags, she added that she even forgets that she had the surgery done.

Catherine McBroom has been working since she was 16

Running one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world is no simple task, especially when you're raising a family of three on top of it. Catherine McBroom is no stranger to hard work, though. In The ACE Family's first YouTube video, Catherine revealed that she started working when she was just 16 years old.

While many teenagers hold down part-time jobs before heading off to college, Catherine skipped college and went to China to work as a tutor after she graduated from high school. Once she returned to the United States, she kept working hard at various jobs, including managing a venue and working at a hedge fund. She even started work on her own gym wear line, although she put it on hold when she became pregnant with Ell McBroom.

Catherine has also done a lot of modeling work. As noted by Distractify, her modeling portfolio includes work for Victoria's Secret and Azzelia Swimwear.

Catherine McBroom has a few acting credits under her belt

The ACE Family's Catherine McBroom has had quite the busy career, and it's been a diverse one, too. Catherine has proven herself to be a woman of many talents over the years. Before she was a YouTube star, she racked up some acting experience, which seems to have prepared her well for the life of fame she was soon to embark on.

Per her IMDb profile, Catherine appeared as Lilin #1 in 2016's Lilin's Brood. That same year she starred as Victoria in Monday Nights at Seven. In 2017, she played Julia in You Can't Have It

Catherine doesn't seem to have done any professional acting after that, probably because of her growing YouTube fame. She did, however, appear in the 2019 mini-series The ACE Family Documentary: Welcome to Our Life as well as two ACE Family music videos, Giddy Up in 2019 and Only One in 2020.

Catherine McBroom kept her third pregnancy a secret for this reason

While The ACE Family typically lets their fans have a very intimate view of their lives on YouTube and social media, when Catherine McBroom was pregnant with her third child, Steel McBroom, she kept the news secret for months. By the time she announced that she was expecting another little one, she was several months into her pregnancy.

Catherine explained the reason for all of the secrecy in an Instagram post dedicated to her unborn son. "I wanted to keep you to myself for as long as I could," she wrote, adding that she appreciated "months of privately enjoying some time with [her] family."

The reveal of The Ace Family secret was made all the more surprising by the fact that Catherine actually appeared in an ACE Family music video for the song "Giddy Up" weeks before the announcement, and fans had no idea she was expecting at the time. In an Instagram Story (via Life & Style) Catherine admitted that she "was sucking in on every shot" to conceal her baby bump and keep her secret.

Catherine McBroom wants a big wedding... eventually

Keeping a pregnancy secret for several months is already an impressive feat for someone who lives in the spotlight, but Catherine McBroom also managed to keep another major secret for years. After the news of her third pregnancy broke in 2019, Catherine clapped back at a Twitter user who criticized her for having three kids and not being married. "Although we have publicly shared some special moments throughout the years...our marriage was not one of them," she tweeted in a revelation that shocked fans.

In a YouTube video, Catherine and Austin McBroom explained that they'd, in fact, had a casual, intimate ceremony in their backyard in 2017. Not even their parents were at the event, although Austin's grandmother and Catherine's brother were there as witnesses. They said that they wanted to be married but weren't ready to have a big celebration at the time.

That being said, the McBrooms are planning to have a big Ace Family wedding at some point in the future. "I'm looking to have that special day," Catherine revealed. "I'm looking to have pictures to look back on and give to our grandkids and their kids and their kids."

Catherine McBroom is worth a fortune

How much money does The ACE family makes from YouTube? As you might expect from one of the most well-known YouTube celebrities in the world, Catherine McBroom is worth a lot of money. Thanks to the money The Ace Family rakes in through their YouTube channel, sponsored posts on social media, and their juice company, Silly Juice, the McBrooms able to live a pretty comfortable lifestyle. While many millennials struggle to pay rent (via CNBC), the McBrooms live in a massive mansion.

While we know that the McBrooms are worth a lot of money, pinpointing exactly how much Catherine is worth is a bit tricky. Distractify notes that several source claim that Catherine is worth around $750,000 while Austin is worth $5 million, but it points out that their net worth could be much higher. Celebrity Net Worth has a much higher estimate of Catherine's net worth, pegging it at $2 million. 

Whatever the exact figure is, it's safe to say that Catherine is worth a sizable fortune, and that the amount of money in her bank account will only continue to grow.

Catherine McBroom is not a fan of her real first name

Whether you know her as Catherine McBroom or by her maiden name, Catherine Paiz, Catherine is definitely a Catherine, right? Well, not exactly. As the star revealed in YouTube video, Catherine isn't actually her first name at all — it's actually her middle name. While Catherine declined to reveal her real first name in that video, Hollywood Mask revealed that her moniker before her marriage was Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz.

It's hard to imagine Catherine being anything but a Catherine, and she seems to think so too. And while she admitted to being embarrassed of the name Dolores growing up, she learned to appreciate it as she got older. There's even a really sweet story behind the name. Catherine explained that she got the old-fashioned name from her dad, who had promised to name her after her mom's foster mother without actually knowing what her first name was. While Catherine's mom wasn't delighted by the promise, she did honor it, although she's always called her daughter by her middle name instead of Dolores.

Catherine McBroom has a close bond with her siblings

The world knows Catherine McBroom as the matriarch of The Ace Family, but those aren't the only close family ties she has. Catherine also has a close bond with her parents and her siblings. As noted by Life & Style, Catherine's younger brother, Ryan Johnston, is the most well-known of the bunch; he's been featured regularly on The ACE Family's YouTube channel and has a close bond with Austin McBroom. Ryan is also a YouTuber, and has a channel called Through Our Eyes which focuses on his own family. While not quite as popular as The ACE Family's channel, it still has a pretty big following of more than 2.4 million subscribers.

Catherine's other siblings, Josh and Valentina Johnston, are still children, so they're not social media stars. But who knows what could happen in the future? Catherine has posted pictures of both of her younger siblings on Instagram. "My brother is so beautiful," she captioned a 2013 picture of Josh. That same year she posted an adorable picture of her kissing Valentina with the caption "Sisters."