What You Should Know About The New Eyeliner Tattoo Trend

It can take years to perfect your eyeliner technique, but are you dedicated enough to tattoo it on? That's the idea behind eyeliner tattoos, or permanent eyeliner, which are taking social media by storm but have actually been around for quite a while. Nowadays, however, artists have perfected the process so you can opt for natural-looking liner or a super-thick cat-eye depending on personal preference. As Byrdie explains, the process involves using ink along the lashline to create the appearance of eyeliner, which saves you the hassle of applying it every day.


Although the word "permanent" suggests it'll last forever, eyeliner tattoos are actually more semi-permanent and must be touched up every three to five years. There are several things to consider before going under the needle, of course, just as there are for any other kind of body modification. If you're contemplating getting an eyeliner tattoo, make sure you consider the following first.

Eyeliner tattoos enhance your natural eye shape

As permanent makeup artist Brenda Ton explained to Byrdie, you should start with something natural. As she explained, "I would recommend the lash line enhancement liner to everyone! I think it is a staple and good for those that want to go natural before committing to a full classic winged style which is thicker." If you wear makeup daily, though, winged eyeliner is your best bet. As Ton noted, "You can always start small and add more as you go when receiving touch-ups."


Eyeliner tattoos can enhance your eye shape, and you don't need to have thick lashes for them to work. But a consultation is essential before proceeding, just like any other beauty treatment, and you'll need to keep harsh skincare products away from your eyes for a week in advance. Your skin needs to be clean and makeup-free for the treatment itself, which can last from 45 minutes to one hour. Skin will be numbed, so you'll feel "a slight buzzing" but shouldn't bleed or be otherwise uncomfortable.

There are some side effects to consider

Cosmopolitan reports the price can be steep, typically anywhere from $500 to $1,500, according to aesthetician and cosmetic tattoo specialist Piret Aava. Thankfully, when done properly by a reputable person, there's no real risk associated with this kind of procedure. Just be sure you do your research. The skin around your eyes will swell initially, but puffiness should subside within 72 hours. Bleeding, bruising, and a burning or itching sensation are all common side effects, but Aava notes these shouldn't last longer than a few days either. If these side effects continue, you should see your doctor.


Dermatologist Julie Russak, MD warns your eyelashes could potentially fall out if you experience inflammation from the tattoo process, so, again, do extensive research before going under the needle. Eyeliner tattoos typically take about three to four weeks to heal, and, obviously, makeup cannot be applied anywhere near them until your skin is fully recovered. You'll need to replace your mascara and other eye makeup products in case they're harboring nasty bacteria, too.