The Truth About Chelsea Clinton's Marriage

Chelsea Clinton was one first daughter you couldn't help but feel for. She went through perhaps the most awkward part of her adolescence in the public eye, and — the ultimate horror (not one bit of sarcasm intended here) — she had to endure an extremely public sex scandal where her dad's extramarital affair became headline news around the world and even launched an impeachment. Ouch. Somehow Ms. Clinton made it through what had to be the teen years from hell, and emerged into adulthood as a beautiful and very successful businesswoman with a gorgeous home, lovely children, and a handsome husband. Truly a fairytale existence, especially when you consider that most fairytales do start off with a young heroine (or hero) experiencing a period of trial and tribulation before being rewarded with a happily ever after.

But how perfect is her fairytale, truly? Marriage in the limelight is never easy, a lesson Chelsea learned at an early age from her own prominent parents. But Bill and Hillary, despite all their not-to-happy history, are still together, and Chelsea and hubby Marc Mezvinsky have so far stuck together despite their share of ups and downs. Curious as to the secret of their marital success, we spoke with relationship expert and life coach Nicole Moore to get her take on this power couple.

They share a similar foundation

To the outside observer, it may appear as if Chelsea and her husband are a perfect example of opposites attracting, and Moore says that there's quite a bit of truth in that old cliché as "couples who have opposing personalities often have an incredible spark and passion to their marriage." She explains that the reason for this is "the differences keep things interesting" and provide that variety that helps long-term couples from growing bored with one another. Moore says of this particular couple: " In Chelsea and Marc's marriage, having opposite personalities is something that makes the couple feel balanced and speaks [to] the passion."

Moore says that while opposites may in time come to repel when they differ "not just in personality but on other key factors such as views on raising children, politics, morals etc," she doesn't think that's the case with the Clinton/Mezvinsky marriage. Although the two have dissimilar personalities, "their upbringings and life paths have major similarities so they have enough shared experience to make a partnership of opposing personalities work." She ways it seems that the two just "get each other," and says despite any disagreements they may have, "the similarities in their upbringing and education ensure that their partnership rests on a bed of mutual understanding."

They like to keep their marriage out of the public eye

Moore remarks upon the couple's passion for privacy, saying this has had the effect of "fuel[ing] speculation about what goes on between the two." She says the reason they like to keep their business behind closed doors isn't an indication of trouble, however, but rather shows that "both partners feel stressed when any public attention is given to their marriage."

Chelsea, in particular, may shun such attention "given that she suffered through her parents' Oval Office sex scandal and watched the wreckage it created between her parents." This experience likely makes her "very wary of her marriage being tabloid fodder" as well as causing her to feel "very very stressed when it happens because it may trigger wounding from watching what her parents went through."

Moore points out the fact that "unwanted media attention is, for the most part, a stressor that cannot be controlled because there's nothing you can really do to stop the media," and thinks this may have a more detrimental effect on Chelsea because of "her more dominant type-A personality" that tends to be "majorly freaked out when factors are outside of her control" as opposed to her husband's "more relaxed personality" that allows him an "easier time handling outside stressors that he cannot control." Still, she thinks Chelsea may be able to "draw on the strength she showed when helping her parents through public scandal and use that strength for her own marriage."

There is somewhat of a power imbalance

Moore thinks that if there is any marital disharmony at times, it may well be prompted by the fact that Mezvinsky hasn't been nearly as successful as has his more-famous spouse. She describes his path as being "a bit more rocky," mentioning "a big failure when he attempted to launch his own company." Moore explains that a power imbalance in a marriage isn't necessarily a bad thing, saying it "can affect a marriage dynamic positively when both partners have a generous spirit and know that they'll equally give all they have to the relationship to help the other person." She thinks "this kind of dynamic in a marriage helps the non-breadwinner feel safe and secure and like they've got a partner who will be there for them no matter what."

There can also be a downside, however. Moore speculates that "given Marc's more relaxed, inward and head-in-the-clouds personality, it's likely that he doesn't see his job failures as a problem," but fears that the more dominant Chelsea "likely, on some level, takes issue with her husband's career path not being a straight line." Moore predicts trouble ahead "if Marc continues to fail forward in his career path and doesn't find steady ground," since she feels that "eventually, Chelsea may start to feel as if she's putting all her energy and resources into a horse who's not going to win the race and grow tired of it."