The Love Actually Storyline That Made Kristen Stewart Feel 'Weird'

Watching holiday movies is both mindlessly pleasant, especially during the current state of the world, and it's also an active suspension of disbelief. Let's face it, the high powered business woman from the city who's somehow lost her sense of holiday spirit, is forced home for the holidays, falls back in love with her crush from high school who now works as a firefighter saving kittens and making Christmas ornaments in his spare time is as cheesy and unbelievable as it sounds — looking at you here, Hallmark

And yet, they're wildly popular. There's just something about that sugary sweetness during the holidays that makes the tropes undeniably enjoyable. Whether it's our childhood belief in the magic of the holidays or simply our innate yearning to still believe in Santa Claus that makes us so willing to watch hours of the same exact story, it doesn't really matter. Put Lacey Chabert in a holiday movie with a prince from a completely made up country, and it's movie watching time!

Not every holiday film shares the same universal appreciation despite its flaws, however. Case in point, Love Actually. Arguably the most loved and hated holiday film of the last 15 years, the star-studded romp actually has some pretty dark story lines that border on unethical. 

In an interview promoting her new holiday rom-com, Happiest Season, Kristen Stewart revealed to The Guardian the one story line from Love Actually that made her feel "weird," and it wasn't the Keira Knightley sign scene.

Kristen Stewart is not a fan of the story line that features Colin Firth and his Portuguese housekeeper

There are too many uncomfortable plot points in the famous film to ignore even if Liam Neeson's son is an absolute joy to root for. Refinery 29 does a great job listing them all out, from the adulterous Alan Rickman, to Prime Minister Hugh Grant starting a clearly inappropriate relationship with a young subordinate, and the most blatantly uncomfortable scene, the best friend who is secretly in love with his buddy's new wife — not cool.

But the scene that makes Hollywood cool girl Kristen Stewart question her devotion to the film is Colin Firth, the heartbroken writer who falls for his housekeeper who doesn't speak a word of English. As she explained to The Guardian in true Kristen Stewart style, when discussing the film with her Happiest Season co-star Mackenzie Davis, "I probably shouldn't mention this, but f*** it. I also felt a little weird about the guy who ... Colin Firth is going after someone he's really never spoken to. And I understand that love transcends language barriers, but at the same time ... I probably shouldn't have said this ..." Well, she certainly isn't wrong!

Instead of rewatching Love Actually this holiday season, check out Stewart's Happiest Season, the first major holiday movie release to feature a same-sex couple. And it's got Dan Levy in it too if you weren't sold already!