Inside Audrey Pence's Intimate Wedding

She may be the daughter of one of the most powerful people in the world, but Audrey Pence is in the same boat as any other bride looking to make her big day as special as possible in spite of everything else going on right now. The vice president's youngest reportedly got married on November 1, in an intimate, outdoor ceremony in Washington. The Independent points out the wedding, which Pence's father naturally attended alongside wife Karen, took place just two days before election day.

The blushing bride shared a classic monochrome shot to Instagram of her proud parents watching as she kissed her new husband, Daniel Tomanelli, gushing, "Thank you to these two beautiful families for joyfully coming alongside us when we decided to throw together a courthouse ceremony in 10 days. We are truly blessed." Her siblings Charlotte and Michael were also photographed on the steps of the courthouse where the makeshift ceremony took place. According to The New York Times, only twelve guests attended, and everybody appears to be socially distancing.

Audrey Pence has truly found her person

The Independent notes Pence and Tomanelli met in college. He proposed in Cape Cod in February 2019. They were due to get married this past summer but were forced to postpone due to the coronavirus pandemic. Pence told a TV station when she was 18, while her father was running for governor, that she was "socially liberal" and "politically independent." The New York Times reports Tomanelli knew Pence was the one after she cared for him in hospital following a devastating plane crash, which sadly claimed the life of his father. "Once we came out of that, I knew she was the girl I wanted to marry," he recalled. Pence noted it felt like they'd been best friends for years the moment they met (both graduated from Northeastern University with degrees in international affairs).

The happy couple originally planned to get hitched in Kauai, Hawaii with 80 guests in attendance. Instead, they got married in a "self-uniting style ceremony" on the sidewalk. "We really wanted to pull off a courthouse wedding, but the courthouses in D.C. are currently closed," Pence advised. Her father reportedly steered the ship when it came to the exchange of vows. Pence and Tomanelli are planning a bigger celebration in Hawaii next summer, if possible. As for whether her father's career has impacted their relationship, Pence opined, "Dan and I started dating before my family stepped onto the national stage, and I think that family comes before politics every day of the week and this is certainly the case with our relationship." Love clearly conquers all, even politics.