Here's How Many Piercings Olivia Plath Really Has

Olivia Plath is the closest thing Welcome to Plathville has to a rebel. In season 1, strict, super religious parents Barry and Kim were horrified to see her leading their beloved son Ethan (Olivia's husband) astray by giving him, among other things, his first taste of Coca-Cola. Elsewhere, Olivia took her sister-in-law Moriah to the heathen land of California and gave her candyfloss. Clearly, this young lady is out of control and must be stopped. The hit TLC show is back for another season, but instead of turning away from Olivia's supposedly bad influence, the older Plath kids have followed her lead.


Ethan isn't even speaking to his parents anymore, while Moriah and her older brother Micah are living outside the family home in a rental where anything goes, from playing music to eating Pop-Tarts, and dressing however they like. In keeping with her reputation for bad behavior (at least, by Plath standards anyway), Olivia has added another piercing to her fast-growing collection.

The Welcome to Plathville star definitely isn't afraid of needles

Eagle-eyed Welcome to Plathville viewers — and followers of her popular Instagram page — will know Olivia already has her nose pierced, along with two piercings in each of her ears. During the third episode of season 2, she decided it was time to visit the piercing parlor yet again to get her navel, or belly button, done. Olivia explained to producers that she's wanted the piercing since she was a little kid because she always thought it looked pretty, but could never have had it done while living at home. Although Ethan isn't a fan of body modifications, he understands it's her decision.


When the time comes to actually get pierced, Ethan is visibly more frightened than Olivia, who waits calmly on the table. She did subsequently admit to producers, however, that it hurt more than she was anticipating. His worries might be more selfish than not wanting to watch his wife in pain, however, as earlier in the episode, the Welcome to Plathville star inquired whether the new piercing would negatively affect the couple's sex life (his wife assured him it wouldn't). Olivia is adamant about being her own person, and if more piercings help her do so, Ethan will just have to accept that.