The Plath Parents Reveal Their Biggest Fear About Micah And Moriah

Welcome to Plathville season 2 seemingly confirmed what many fans of the show have been worried about for a while, namely that parents Barry and Kim Plath's super-strict rules are pushing their children away. Eldest son Ethan has cut himself off from them completely, after Kim and Barry refused to give his wife Olivia a chance, while teenagers Micah and Moriah moved out into their own place after finding themselves unable to live under the same roof as their parents anymore.

Hopefully, the Plaths can find a balance and try to understand each other's perspectives a bit better as time progresses. For now, though, it seems like Ethan, Micah, and Moriah are only going to move further and further away the harder Barry and Kim try to keep them under their control. The dedicated parents clearly have their reasons for acting the way they do, but their justification for trying to keep their wayward teens from spreading their wings is much harder to understand.

Kim and Barry Plath are worried about the younger kids rebelling

Although the Plath parents acknowledged the family was "fractured" as a result of the older kids leaving, they were still concerned about Micah and Moriah's influence on those who were still living with them. Moriah explained on the show that she was just "starving for freedom" by the end of her time in the family home, and couldn't handle having everything she did controlled, from what she wore to what she ate (via YouTube). However, Kim and Barry haven't relaxed their rules whatsoever. Cell phones are still banned, while internet use is strictly monitored and there's very little sugar allowed either.

The strict matriarch advised that Micah and Moriah had to leave their house because she and Barry were concerned about their negative influence on the younger kids. "It was likely to me that they might plant seeds of rebellion and bitterness in the younger children, especially Isaac and Amber," she revealed (via YouTube). The foursome ultimately came to the decision that, "If they couldn't live with our rules, then they needed to move out." There's clearly a lot of love between the family, but it seems as if something's gotta give on both sides so they can move forward together.