Shaving Cream Substitutes You've Never Thought Of

Shaving cream is meant to moisturize, protect and support your skin as you remove excess hair. Considering that shaving also happens to exfoliate the skin, what you use throughout this process is important for your shave's effectiveness as well as the health of your cells. So, if you hop into the shower only to realize that you're out of shaving cream, there are a few alternatives that can fit the bill.

And those alternatives are common household items. Speaking with Byrdie, dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian explained, "The best products to use in place of shaving cream are those that are incredibly moisturizing, conditioning, and have no irritants like perfumes or added fragrances." As such, natural options like coconut oil top the list. A beauty secret shared by millions all over the globe, coconut oil provides benefits from its fatty acids and deeply hydrating properties. Simply slather it on your skin and shave! Dr. Nazarian told the outlet, "This fatty-acid rich oil offers a great substitute for shaving cream because it's added hydration protects the surface of the skin from the tugging forces razors tend to cause."

Furthermore, using other moisturizing shower products like conditioner provide similar benefits. Bustle notes that your conditioner may help you steer clear of the excess dyes and parabens that many other products in your shower contain, plus it adds moisture to your skin as you shave. It may not stay put as well as your shaving cream, but it's a hydrating alternative you likely have on hand.

Look for shaving cream alternatives that moisturize

Beyond classic staples like coconut oil and conditioner, you may find other viable options in your pantry. Aloe vera gel is known as the go-to remedy for sunburns, and it doesn't have to be used for only that. A soothing substance many swear by, aloe vera gel can make a great shaving cream. As dermatologist Dr. Morgan Rabach told Byrdie, using this gel "will help the razor glide gently over the skin" while nourishing your cells. Grab a bottle from the health foods store and see for yourself.

If you're in a real bind, your body lotion can get the job done. Bustle explains that it's important "not to rub the lotion into your skin too much." Sure, your legs will be nice and moisturized, but if there isn't enough product to protect your skin, you could run into some issues while shaving. An added benefit comes in the form of your soft, hairless legs following its removal, the outlet notes. Plus, as Dr. Rabach told Byrdie, using lotion "will soften the hair," as well as reduce irritation and make your strokes much easier. You can use body oil for a similar effect as well.

While your second option for shaving may be soap, it can leave your skin feeling and looking parched. Opt for more moisturizing options you likely have in your home already!