The Hidden Talent You Didn't Know Ethan Plath Had

Ethan Plath is trying plenty of new things during season 2 of Welcome to Plathville. The classic car enthusiast is learning all about body piercings, periods, and cooking, predominantly from wife Olivia, who was the first person to give him a taste of the dark side with a can of Coke. During episode 5, the happy couple hit up the liquor store to get some treats to enjoy at home leading to Ethan, as People reports, choosing some whiskey before giggling over rudely-named Jello shots.

Olivia admitted that "going out with Ethan in public" is always entertaining. She explained, "He's so curious, and he always finds something intriguing or funny. That part of it is fun, like to share something with someone that you love and to see them love it for the first time. And then there's a small part of me that's like, 'You've never heard of that? Like, really?'" When they got home, however, it was Ethan's turn to surprise as he revealed a secret talent hitherto unseen on the hit show.

The Welcome to Plathville star is secretly very musical

While enjoying some drinks together, Olivia suggests they jam out on the piano for a while (via YouTube). She asks her husband which of them should play but is surprised when he agrees to do it. Ethan then sits down and casually starts tickling the ivories like a total pro. His wife is impressed, but she can't resist showing off her own talents, admitting to producers that when she plays the piano, she sees "ballgowns and chandeliers." 

Ethan then revealed that when he plays "old jazz tunes," the mechanic imagines "old cars flying down dirt roads." The Welcome to Plathville star opined that the differences in their piano playing styles speak to their different, albeit complementary, personality types. "You're a weirdo and I love it," Olivia tells him proudly once Ethan is done showing off.

The Plath family are all incredibly musical. They previously toured the country in their own band, of which Ethan was a key part. He and Olivia are currently estranged from his parents, because of their behavior towards them. The young couple is focusing on strengthening their relationship while they're stuck at home as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.