This Awkward Bachelorette Moment Is Too Relatable To Women Everywhere

Following several episodes of childish bickering, Tayshia Adams finally sat Noah Erb and Bennett Jordan down to hash things out once and for all. During the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, a cringe-worthy two-on-one date found the guys forced to take ownership of their behavior. After hearing the suitors had been questioning her integrity, as she termed it, from Noah, Tayshia put Bennett on the spot and asked him directly whether he'd ever done so himself.

Bennett denied saying anything behind Tayshia's back, and instead put the blame back on his love rival for stirring the pot. However, the Bachelorette star argued that, by claiming she wouldn't end up with Noah, Bennett was essentially "saying that I'm not capable of making my own decisions." Rather than taking that comment in stride, or even trying to see Tayshia's point of view, Bennett instead doubled down in a manner that was immediately recognizable to women everywhere. 

Bennett mansplained to Tayshia in the most cringe-worthy manner

Bennett consistently tried to interject while Tayshia explained her position, protesting his innocence and rationalizing where he was coming from. Then, Bennett attempted to mansplain "the four competencies of EQ" in an attempt to justify his comments about Noah, to whom he'd gifted a book on emotional intelligence (Noah admitted to Tayshia that Bennett is very rude to everybody in the house). Tayisha ultimately sent Bennett home, which left the Harvard graduate terribly confused.

The arrogant suitor's behavior didn't go unnoticed with fans, with one noting on Reddit, "The audacity it took to sit there and lecture someone on emotional intelligence when you don't even realize how multiple guys in the house feel you are condescending and talk down to others." One viewer even made a connection between Bennett interrupting Tayshia and the instantly iconic moment when Kamala Harris shut down Mike Pence during their VP debate, telling him "I'm speaking" after he continuously interrupted her.

Bennett's dodgy behavior will be sadly familiar to most women, as evidenced by the many tweets poking fun at it. One fan even utilized an unimpressed shot of Tayshia to showcase how "every woman listening to someone mansplain to them" feels. Naturally, Bachelorette viewers also heralded Tayshia for tackling Bennett head on in a way many of us wish we could when confronted with something similar in our own lives (if only we could all send them away in a sad SUV).