What You Don't Know About The Bachelorette's Noah Erb

Season 16 of The Bachelorette is gearing up to the most exciting yet. First, original star Clare Crawley stepped aside in dramatic fashion to be replaced by fan favorite Tayshia Adams. After just 12 days of shooting, Crawley absconded with her pick, Dale Moss, whom she'd given her first impression rose. Then, host Chris Harrison announced four new dudes were being added to the cast, throwing everybody off once more.


Among the newcomers, Noah Erb stands out. He brought a stethoscope upon initially meeting Adams, telling her, "You know where my heart is from the start," to which the Bachelorette star responded, "It's beating, and it's beating quite fast!" Right off the bat, he seemed goofy and genuine but a preview for the season seemed to mark Erb out as a possible villain. For the time being, we can judge based purely on what we know of the Oklahoma native.

He shook up The Bachelorette

Although Erb made a great first impression on Adams, at one point the Bachelorette lead suggested he should shave off his mustache, leading Erb to tell producers, "I pray that she doesn't send me away with a bald baby-face after this." Judging by Instagram, he still has it. Erb may yet emerge as the villain after a concerning voice-over from Adams suggested, "It's not always easy to see a wolf in sheep's clothing."


Elsewhere, after promising Adams he would "fight" for what he wanted, Erb crashed a date, leading the guys to call him out for being "immature." Then, as Reality Steve reports, after he received the wrestling group date rose, Erb confessed that he was getting a hard time from the other contestants and suggested that maybe they were questioning Adams' choice. The Bachelorette lead didn't take it well, addressing the group and advising if anybody didn't believe her, they could leave.

The reality star's got a real zest for life

According to Erb's official profile for the show, he's 25 and hails from Tulsa, where the mustachioed hunk works as a registered travel nurse. This means he's been on the front lines during the pandemic, as evidenced by a recent post on his Instagram, which clarified his scrubs weren't a Halloween costume. Erb has a twin and he hopes to replicate the loving environment in which he grew up with his own family some day.


Over on the show's official Twitter account, Erb advised, "What's most important for me looking for love is being open to new things, and open to always do better and get better, personally." His Instagram page is loaded with outdoor pursuits, including snowboarding in Canada, mountain biking in Colorado and scuba diving in Hawaii. Overall, the reality star is dedicated to family, fun, and his job, which bodes well for Adams if she does pick him at the end of her season.