The Truth About Olivia Plath's Relationship With Sister Lydia

During season 1 of Welcome to Plathville, viewers learned Ethan's new wife, Olivia, had fled from her own super-strict, religious family. Although Olivia tried her best to find her place with her new in-laws, she was seen as a bad influence by her hubby's parents, Kim and Barry, who worried she'd lead him astray, along with all the other kids. When season 2 debuted, it became clear that not only had Olivia succeeded in opening Ethan's eyes, but she'd also had a positive impact on his siblings too.

Although Olivia never intended to cause any trouble with the Plath family, her less stringent views rubbed Ethan's folks the wrong way, and their refusal to give her a chance ultimately caused a major rift between them. It's no secret the reality star and accomplished wedding photographer is estranged from her own family, but now we know just where Olivia stands with her sister Lydia (not to be confused with Ethan's sister, also named Lydia, which is a whole other story).

Olivia Plath no longer has a relationship with her sister Lydia

Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that a recent photo of Olivia's family, glimpsed briefly on Welcome to Plathville, featured one sibling with her face blurred out. It's now become clear that the family member in question was Olivia's younger sister, Lydia, who was brought up in the same conservative household and broke free in a similar manner. Olivia actually shot Lydia's graduation photos in early 2018, sharing the results with Instagram fans and gushing, "I got to spend an entire day with this cute sister of mine and document her senior year through photographs." She later shared a follow-up shot just to double down on how "cute" Lydia looked. Her sister posted some of the pics too, tagging Olivia, but left it at that.

According to Soap Dirt, the two are no longer in touch. Lydia was looking to do an interview about her upbringing and how she escaped it, but Olivia reached out to the interviewer and asked that they not conduct it. She revealed that the two hadn't spoken for years and no longer had any kind of relationship, so Olivia didn't feel she could contact Lydia directly. The Welcome to Plathville star wanted to protect her family from any scrutiny, noting her parents didn't want to have anything to do with the show either. Lydia acquiesced and expressed that she simply wanted to tell her own story. Hopefully, all is not lost and the sisters can find common ground again in the future.