Here's What Trent And Amber Johnston Actually Do For A Living

Trent and Amber Johnston became household names thanks to their hit TLC show, 7 Little Johnstons, which follows the lovable couple as they navigate life with dwarfism alongside their five children. The show debuted in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Although they're still a normal family in many ways, the Johnstons are earning a decent amount these days, best exemplified by the huge, gorgeous new property they just purchased in Forsyth, Georgia.

Reality TV producer Terence Michael divulged to E! News that reality TV families typically take home around 10 percent of each episode's budget. Therefore, if the budget is $300,000, the Johnstons will earn $30,000, and so on. With five kids to feed, as well as themselves, along with college fees to pay, that money could disappear fast. But thankfully the happy couple held on to their day jobs even after TLC came calling.

The 7 Little Johnstons stars retained their day jobs

Trent actually works as a grounds supervisor for a local college. The father of five is so good at what he does that he's known as "Mr. Fix-It" both at work and around the house, where he takes great pride in utilizing his DIY skills to fix anything and everything, as per the reality star's TLC bio. His wife, meanwhile, is the head of the local Parent-Teacher Association and Girl Scouts, as per her own bio, which signals how dedicated the stay-at-home mother was to family life when 7 Little Johnstons initially dropped. However, with several of the kids either in college or on their way, she's been able to focus on her career outside once more.

Amber is a licensed realtor, currently working at for Washburn & Associates, as per Zillow. Her profile enthuses she's "dedicated to getting you the results you deserve, whether it is listing and selling your property or finding you the perfect property to call home." The kids support Amber 100 percent, with Elizabeth gushing to TLC, "We are super proud of mom for becoming a real estate agent. Now that she's back to work, she may not be here most of the time, but she always works around our schedule. And we are super-duper happy for her and we're very thankful to her for all that she's done."

The Johnstons previously discussed possibly starting a business together, however, Amber noted "there is a lot of risk involved in opening your own mom-and-pop shop. We're risking losing the house, losing the cars, we don't know what tomorrow brings," (via Distractify). It's unclear what happened with that plan, but given how much the couple's careers have blossomed in the past five years, the sky's clearly the limit for them.