The Least Popular Member Of The Royal Family Might Not Surprise You

The British royal family is made up of some of the most famous people on the planet. Most of us can identify at least a few of the key players. After all, according to All That's Interesting, the reign of the family spans over 37 generations and 1,209 years. At this point, it's a little difficult to escape articles and stories about just what the family is getting up to.

Once or twice a year, surveys are conducted that test the popularity of various members of the family. YouGov is a British analytics company that often asks the British public just what they think of their monarchs. Their 2020 survey pegged the queen as the most beloved member of the family (via British Heritage Travel).

But when it comes to the member of the royal family that the public likes the least, the results aren't completely surprising. According to a survey by The List, the least popular member of the royal family is none other than Prince Charles himself. Out of 607 respondents, a whopping 210, or nearly 35 percent, named the heir to the throne as the royal family member they like the least. Next in line for least liked is Meghan Markle with 21 percent of the vote; followed by princesses Eugenie and Beatrice with just under 14 percent and Prince Philip with a bit over 11 percent.

Here's why Prince Charles may be the least-liked royal

It seems that Charles has been fairly unpopular throughout the more than 60 years he's served as heir apparent, with many members of the British public arguing against his succession to the throne entirely. Reader's Digest chalks up a lot of the prince's unpopularity to the disastrous way his marriage to Princess Diana fell apart. Plenty of people are still holding a grudge, even though the pair divorced back in August 1996. What's more, the outlet reports that many people do not want to see Camilla as queen, and they feel that Charles may not be up to the job.

It also doesn't help Prince Charles that his oldest son, Prince William, has such a picture-perfect family. In 2019,The Independent published a report that claims almost half of the British public wants the throne to bypass Charles entirely so Prince William can take over.