Why Adam Busby Bailed On His First Date With Danielle

OutDaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby are total couple goals. Their hit TLC show is seven seasons strong, 'cause clearly fans can't get enough of the unbridled insanity that arises when raising six daughters all at once, five of whom are quintuplets — no matter how cute the Busby kids are. The beloved reality TV couple has been married for more than a decade and, watching them on OutDaughtered, it's impossible to imagine either Adam or Danielle being with anybody else.

However, no relationship is perfect, and the Busbys have gone through their fair share of struggles over the years. Adam even admitted on the show, back in 2017, that postpartum depression had caused a major rift between him and Danielle (via People). Although the Busbys are blissfully happy together now, shockingly, their relationship fell at the very first hurdle. If things had gone differently, Adam and Danielle might not have even ended up together. 

The OutDaughtered star got a better offer

The Louisiana natives first met while they were working at the same Target store, all the way back in 2003. "We had a great beginning story to us," Danielle teased in an interview with Country Living. She explained on the family's official blog that it took a while for Adam to pluck up the courage to speak to her. His first words were simply, "Hey beautiful." Although she was hesitant at first, the duo soon got close, frequently sharing their lunches and breaks together. Finally, he asked her out, and Danielle happily agreed. However, when the time came for the OutDaughtered stars to actually go on their date, Adam canceled.

As Danielle recalled, Adam was meant to pick her up after work, so she spent the entire day getting excited for it. But while getting ready, she shared, "the phone rings, it's Adam! He basically goes on to tell me he decided to hangout with his boys." Naturally, she wasn't impressed with being ditched at the last minute, noting, "That phone call ended quick." The reality star thought they were done, but Adam talked her into giving him another chance. Soon the two went out on a real date — to a family dinner.

Looking back, Danielle understands how crazy it all sounds, recalling to Country Living, "[I was] stood up on our first date, then found out our actual next date was a surprise for me to go meet his entire family at his sister's birthday party." Clearly, as she reasons now, "God must have been in the works here making our hearts collide."