Here's The Moment That Hailey Bieber Fell In Love With Justin

Hailey Bieber opened up about the first time she knew Justin was it for her. In a December 2020 Q&A session on Instagram, fans asked the model to post a picture of the moment she knew she was falling for him. She responded with an intimate photo of the two dancing by a pool (via Just Jared Jr.). Just reading their body language, coupled with the fact that she's kept photographic evidence of this moment after all of this time, is proof of their love.


Quarantine has given fans a rare look at the Biebers' marriage. In May 2020, Justin Bieber collaborated with Ariana Grande for their song "Stuck with U," which captures dating during the coronavirus pandemic and included sweet cameos of him lovingly embracing his wife (via Elite Daily). The singer's also admitted that many of the songs on his 2020 album "Changes" are about his relationship with Bieber, including "Yummy," which is an ode to their sex life (via Pop Sugar).

Take a look back at where it all started for the Biebers

Although Hailey and Justin Bieber have been married since 2018, their history goes back by roughly 10 years. Based on behind-the-scenes footage from The Today Show, they first met in 2009 backstage, where Hailey Bieber (then Baldwin) was introduced to her now-husband by her father, actor Stephen Baldwin. Sparks obviously didn't fly there, considering they were in their early teens. But, according to Insider, over the years, they were seen hanging out and even vacationing together, but never confirmed a relationship until 2016.


Then, they seemingly broke up and lost contact for a while, until a simple moment that changed everything. In a February 2020 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the model revealed that she reconnected with Justin after he watched one of her earlier appearances on the show. What sparked him to reach out? Oddly enough, during an April 2018 episode, Bieber showed off her favorite party trick where she uses her teeth to pop open a bottle of beer. Apparently, this left him seriously impressed.

When you know, you know.