This Is What Happens When You Stop Using Conditioner

Silky smooth locks come as a result of commitment and the right products. But, is conditioner an absolute must for having the hair of your dreams? It depends. Using too much can weigh your hair down, but forgoing this step completely might leave your strands parched. Luckily, the happy medium is easier to find than you may think.

If you plan to just stop using your finishing wash every day, you may notice some benefits like increased volume, PureWow notes. Since conditioner coats each of your strands to moisturize them, it can often weigh your hair down. Without it, your mane may feel lighter, especially since conditioner can leave build-up on your scalp over time. So, if you're struggling with limp hair or an irritated scalp, maybe think about skipping your last rinse a few times a week.

On top of having more volume, the outlet explains that you may notice more shine coming from your locks. Since too much build-up can dull your sheen, ditching it completely may make your strands glisten like you've always wanted them to. Without the excess moisture, it may also look less greasy, giving you a refreshed head of hair that doesn't feel dirty a day after you wash it.

Avoiding conditioner can be disastrous for dry hair

While skipping conditioner a few times a week may give you a sleek shine, avoiding it completely can leave you with a tangled mess on top of your head. Adam Friedman, a Washington, D.C.-based board-certified dermatologist, tells Allure that, "Conditioner refortifies the cuticle with a protective coating, allowing the hair to keep growing and not break easily. When the hair is exposed to the outside world, the cuticle, or outer lining, gets damaged until it ultimately breaks; the conditioner fills in those injuries and coats the hair to assist the cuticle."

That means, if you have dry or damaged hair, your conditioner could be serving a vital purpose by helping soothe any unruly or parched strands. You'll likely notice that, without a conditioner, combing your wet hair can be a nightmare. Since this product smooths, fortifies, and protects, your snarls may be bigger than you remember if you avoid using it completely.

Just add the product to the lower ends of your hair to strengthen broken locks and rinse thoroughly. As for how often to use it, cosmetic chemist and author, Perry Romanowski, tells Allure, "Any time you shampoo your hair you should condition it. It really makes the hair easier to comb and style." Play around with trying different amounts of conditioner too — less may be more.