Expert Explains Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde's Romance

While we may all watch celebrity relationships from the sidelines, sipping chardonnay with our girlfriends while coming up with our own fantasy "shipping" couples and wondering about the dynamics and the drama of actual Hollywood romances, some folks are better equipped to analyze what's really going on between famous couples. Nicole Moore, life coach and relationship expert, who helps "powerful, influential women find the lasting love they deserve," has weighed in on why she feels the relationship between actress Olivia Wilde and bona fide rockstar Harry Styles is rooted in essential compatibility, and where she foresees potential sticky spots.

Calling Styles and Wilde Hollywood's latest "It couple," Moore says that the two "have so many similarities in their outlook on the world and what they ultimately want from a relationship and this bodes well for lasting compatibility."   

How Harry and Olivia make a progressive pair

While Wilde is a decade older than Styles, this is only one way the two buck back against more traditional relationship dynamics and gender roles. Moore classifies both partners as "feminists," saying, "Olivia has been an outspoken advocate for feminism in her career" and feels that Wilde would not succeed or be happy with someone who didn't support this, "so in this sense, Harry Styles is a perfect match for her." In fact, there is an entire YouTube video compilation of Styles being ridiculously respectful toward women in interviews. He says things like he isn't "about objectifying women" and that his favorite parts of a woman are her eyes, smile, and character. Aw! 

Styles himself is helping to normalize a less "standard" brand of masculinity, one comfortable with embracing inner femininity and personal forms of expression that don't necessarily match what is traditionally seen as hyper "masculine." Clearly, Wilde supports this and sees beauty and hope in it. She said of Harry, "To me, he's very modern and I hope that this brand of confidence as a male that Harry has — truly devoid of any traces of toxic masculinity — is indicative of his generation and therefore the future of the world... I think he is in many ways championing that, spearheading that. It's pretty powerful and kind of extraordinary to see someone in his position redefining what it can mean to be a man with confidence" (via Vogue). 

Potential complications of a mixed family

As Moore points out, the good news is that Harry Styles has always wanted children, and since he is only 26, it's great for Wilde that he is comfortable stepping into a relationship that comes with two children (via The Independent). But Moore says the sticky wicket of being in a relationship with someone who has only recently gotten out of a decade-long relationship with someone they share children with is the potential for jealousy. Wilde herself has said of her relationship fears, "I've seen couples fall apart through it, and it is heartbreaking. You wonder what will happen — will he love me if I'm not as successful? Will jealousy kill us?" (via The Daily Mail). 

Moore says, "Jealousy can rear its ugly head and the person who doesn't have kids may end up feeling left out or insecure about their partner's relationship with their ex." Considering Styles seems to harbor very little in the way of what Wilde calls "toxic masculinity," we are rooting for this not to happen. Even if jealousy turns out not to be a factor, Moore left us with this final thought on the subject: "it may all come down to: is Harry ready to fully commit? Their relationship may end up being a classic case of a woman who wants a full commitment and a man who is all in for a period of time but who soon gets the itch to explore life on his own again "