The Truth About Matt James' Ex-Girlfriend, Madison Nelson

Matt James' Bachelor season is already off to an exciting start. While the season may have just begun, there has already been some drama thanks to Madison Nelson. Madison was originally one of the potential contestants on Matt's season in a list of 43 possible contenders announced by ABC in October (via Heavy).

After the list was published, Bachelor Nation spoiler king Reality Steve tweeted that Madison and Matt had actually dated in 2019, posting a blurry pic of them together. "Some tea for you already: Apparently Madison Nelson was dating Matt last summer when Tyler [Cameron] was seeing GiGi [Hadid]," he wrote. "Went to one of the fashion shows with him. Here they are together. Heard they were together for at least a couple months."

In a blog post, Steve added that he had seen some text convos between the pair and that they had seemed "somewhat serious."

Matt James' ex-girlfriend, Madison Nelson, keeps a low profile

Madison did not end up as one of the contestants on The Bachelor but it was briefly thought that she would crash Matt's season, joining the cast along with four other women after the second rose ceremony. Reality Steve wrote in another blog post that this intel was wrong, though.

"I originally thought that Madison Nelson was one of the five, but was told she is not," he revealed. "Was actually told once they found out she HAD dated Matt last summer, they decided against bringing her on."

Aside from what Reality Steve has told us, we don't know much about Madison. Matt's ex is keeping a pretty low profile and an Instagram account appearing to belong to her is currently private. While we may not be seeing her on Matt's Bachelor season, there seems to be a lot of interest in her so it's quite possible that we could see her on a future Bachelor Nation show.