Who Is The Bachelor's MJ Snyder?

The historic season of The Bachelor started by helping us get to know the man of the hour: Matt James. In addition to feeling the pressure of being the first Black bachelor, James also revealed that he's feeling the rush to have children. He told People: "I think the grandkid counter for my mom started when the [Bachelor] announcement was made. She wants a basketball team. I'll have a minivan, as many as we can fit." Once we found out more about his past and what he's looking for, the audience also learned that his initials matched one of the contestant's.


MJ Snyder hails from Hudson, Ohio and is 23, Glamour reports. If her gorgeous curly blonde locks weren't enough of a distinguisher, you'll likely remember the beauty expert's calling to "make the world a more beautiful place," as per her ABC bio. MJ considers herself social and wants to settle down with a man who lets her maintain her independence and won't add drama to her life.

In addition to loving a good spicy margarita, MJ enjoys being outdoors and disco music, ABC reports.

MJ Snyder loves her job as a hairstylist

Although we're only a week into The Bachelor so far, it's clear that the show's 25th season features some incredible women. MJ Snyder attended Ohio State University and rushed the Alphi Phi sorority on campus, Women's Health reports. Before she joined the show, she worked in PR and eventually started her own mobile spray tan business. In an interview with Iles Formula, the beauty specialist divulged her secrets about getting the perfect bronze and a great highlight. Plus, readers learn that she found her calling during New York Fashion Week; it was there that Snyder realized that doing hair was her real passion and decided to focus her efforts in that direction.


In fact, she even told the outlet that she was on the path of her dreams. "This is the path I chose, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else!" she gushed. "As hairstylists, we have the ability to change people's appearance and perspective of themselves. Often, I think we forget that we don't just fix people's hair: we transform them into the best version of themselves."

In addition to being incredibly passionate about hair, MJ also got the nickname of "hype woman" from Chris Harrison, according to Women's Health. Is the hype about the other women's hair? Does she work on building other people up? We'll have to see as the 25th season of The Bachelor progresses.