Who Is The Bachelor's Carolyn Vallejo?

Season 25 of The Bachelor is officially here! And in case you missed it, the star of the show this year is Matt James, who's made history as the very first Black bachelor. As the 29-year-old North Carolina native said on Good Morning America, when it comes to love, he's "looking for qualities that my mom embodies, and that's selfless, honest, caring, compassionate, and those are qualities found in women all shapes, sizes, and races."

The real estate broker, entrepreneur, and community organization founder continued, "I'm hoping when that limo pulls up, there's a lot of diversity, and I see every type of woman coming out of that limo." And if you watched the premiere on Monday, you'll know one of those very women was Carolyn Vallejo, who describes herself as "Paisa Colombianita," meaning a rural Colombian gal (via Women's Health). According to her Instagram profile, the 30-year-old from Newburyport, Massachusetts, is a "Bostonian turned Angeleno," and she's after Matt's heart.

Vallejo is a Los Angeles-based journalist

As per her LinkedIn profile, Carolyn Vallejo is a "journalist with a focus on profile and feature writing, specializing in music, A&E, law and finance." Her bio states, "My work experience ranges from in-depth profiles, to hard news, to online photography and videography features, to web development."

She majored in journalism at Boston University, where she studied abroad in both London and Medellin, graduating in 2012. Since then, she has spent eight years building up her portfolio, working as a contributing writer for Big Cheese, Vive le Rock, and Performer magazines as well as a staff writer for music blog Allston Pudding and pop/alternative music publication Alter the Press.

More recently, Vallejo has worked as managing editor at Competition Policy International before moving to her current position of managing editor at Pyments.com. According to ABC, the smart cookie, who's proficient in Spanish, hopes to pen her very own book within the next five years.

Vallejo is obsessed with animals and the beach

When she's not busy brainstorming ideas for her first novel or working on improving copy (or popping up on TV), Carolyn Vallejo dedicates a lot of her spare time to the Los Angeles Animal Services, where she has been a volunteer since 2015. "Adopt, don't shop", she writes on LinkedIn, while calling herself "a fairly successful dog Mom" on Instagram.

Often pictured with her cute-as-can-be pup, Daisy, it's clear the reality star has a kind heart. But animals aren't her only obsession. Almost half of Carolyn's social media feed is filled with photos of California beaches at their absolute best. Malibu, Santa Monica, Big Sur — you name it, we're willing to bet this brunette beach babe has almost definitely been there. As she says herself in her Instagram bio, "You can probably find me at the beach."

Vallejo wants a bold man who isn't afraid to challenge her

When it comes to love, The Bachelor's Carolyn Vallejo is looking for "a bold man who isn't afraid to challenge her." According to her ABC profile, "She needs someone who will appreciate her intensity and bring an equal amount of passion to the relationship." Like most people, we can only assume she also hopes to meet someone who is her equal and will be able to adapt to her outdoors lifestyle.

Her ultimate date? Something completely unexpected. "Jumping into unfamiliar territory together is a great way to bond and get to know each other on a deeper level," she told ABC, hinting she would also be keen on a date that involves a form of travel. Admitting she is someone who falls in love fast, it's safe to say she's also someone who obviously has got a lot of love to give.

Sadly, Vallejo got eliminated in episode one of The Bachelor

If you tuned into the premiere of the 25th season of The Bachelor this week, you'll know that Carloyn Vallejo was sadly eliminated at the end of the very first episode. Matt James also sent home Alicia, Amber, Cassandra, Corrinne, Emani, Kimberly, and Saneh (via Elite Daily).

Since airing, the Colombian beauty has stayed relatively silent on social media other than posting insights into her latest read and favorite cup of tea on her Instagram stories. But with her impressive resume, career goals, and volunteering schedule, we are sure she's been as busy as ever (if not busier!) since leaving production. While Matt may not have been the one, the man of her dreams could be just around the corner. Here's hoping we'll hear happy news from her very soon. Until then, you can follow all her adventures on Instagram.