90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's Laura Reveals Why She And Aladin Got Divorced

90 Day Fiancé fans, in case you missed the bad news, Laura and Aladin are officially divorced. The couple appeared on the first season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, a spin-off that focuses on Americans moving to their fiancé's respective countries. In Laura and Aladin's case, Laura married Aladin and moved to his country of Tunisia, and their season showed Laura's struggles leaving her family and acclimatizing to Aladin's culture.

In an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on October 21, Laura revealed that she and Aladin were officially divorced as of October 2020 , after having gotten married in July 2018. "My current relationship status with Aladin is we are officially divorced as of 12 p.m. our time," she said in the interview. But don't worry too much about Laura — she seems more than ready to get her love life up and running again.

Laura says that she and Aladin struggled a lot with their relationship, and she even believes that he might have cheated on her

Laura believes that Aladin wasn't a faithful man. "He's got inundated by a ton of women. I mean, he was already engaged six months after our Tell-All," Laura speculated to Domenick Nati in their interview. She added, "Did he sleep with somebody when I travelled to New York to do my Tell-All? Maybe. I don't know. He had quite a lot of girls there in Africa that were quite interested in him. They all thought he was really rich because of the TV cameras coming to Tunisia" (via ScreenRant). Laura added that she and Aladin weren't happy in many different areas in of their relationship, including their sex life, in which she often had to "fake it" (via CheatSheet). Their sex life was a big issue in their relationship, and 90 Day certainly did not shy away from it. 

And as for whether Aladin really does have a new lady in his life? Nothing has been officially confirmed, but he posted an Instagram including the hashtag "#strongenoughforher", and responding to a fan in a comment, "Seems lots of people curious about this. Maybe I should give hints or introduce her" (via Soap Dirt).

Laura has revealed she's dating a new man

In her interview with Domenick Nati, Laura didn't seem interested in wasting any time on tears. "I am now single. If there's any men who wanna put a ring on it, I will judge the diamond size and the quality. But, yeah, totally, come on, DM me. Show me the ring. Let's get jiggy with it," she said (via CheatSheet). Laura explained that the divorce process was difficult, as the divorce documentation was all in Arabic. She ended up requesting the help of a friend who happened to be a lawyer that spoke Arabic, which she says is the only reason she knows she's divorced today. The conclusion of their divorce stipulated that Aladin was meant to pay Laura "$30 a month," which allegedly didn't happen, according to Laura. She also added, "He can keep his 30 bucks. He needs it more than me."

As of May 2020, ET Online reported that Laura is seeing a new man. This life update came from another 90 Day spin off, 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, a series that focuses on the most beloved 90 Day couples and their subsequent experiences during the coronavirus pandemic (via IMDb). Laura revealed on the show that she is dating Tony, a man from California.

"We just really connected," she said. "Tony lives in California and is in dental college. He is 25 and very delicious to look at. I actually worry that Tony is too good to be true," Laura gushed (via ET Online).