Who Is The Bachelor's Sydney Johnson?

We haven't seen much of Sydney Johnson on The Bachelor this season so far, which as Fansided points out, suggests that she may not last long. But that doesn't take away from how impressive the 28-year-old Nashville, Tennessee. resident is. As per her ABC profile, "she's not looking to settle for any average Joe Schmoe," nor should she.

Sydney Johnson (as all of us are) is undoubtedly deserving of finding someone who never makes her eat avocado toast because they always remember she's allergic to avocados. She deserves a partner who respects how "opinionated" she is, the fact that she is "creeped out by amusement parks," and who will "put effort into wooing her." She's in it for something long-lasting. As per her own words, Johnson's parents and their thirty-plus year marriage "show what love is all about."

A look at her Instagram is all it takes to be impressed. "Syd," as her friends call her, is a woman who knows how to enjoy Oktoberfest, isn't afraid to shout out her admiration for Jennifer Aniston, or nerd out over visiting the set of The Ranch and "locking eyes with Ashton Kutcher." Oh, and we're particularly excited that she's a fan of In-N-Out Burger.

Sydney Johnson's sport obsession

Sydney Johnson practices yoga (at least according to her employment profile) and bikes. While she may be from the South, she's also an amateur skier and is no complete novice at snowmobiling either. Ask her if she wants to go to the shooting range, and she might say "yes." Johnson's not afraid to admit that she's visited the Nashville Gun Club, although when she did, she didn't "hit a single skeet shot."

While The Bachelor contestant is clearly athletic, she's an even more avid sports fan. Her Instagram is filled with tributes to the Nashville Predators, stories about her tailgating for the New York Giants in 15-degree weather, and pictures of her cheering on her alma mater's football team. (Johnson, according to her LinkedIn profile, graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in psychology). It also doesn't hurt that for some mysterious reason, the Oakland Athletics' Tony Kemp has been known to comment on Johnson's pics.

She has inside access to the New York Giants

Passion for football runs in Sydney Johnson's family. Her maternal grandfather loved the game so much that, according to Johnson's mother, Darlene, he "played Senior year [in high school] with a broken arm." You can credit Johnson's dedication to the New York Giants, however, specifically to her dad. Potential suitors, beware: Johnson, as she proudly announces on the Gram, will "always be a daddy's girl, no matter what."

Johnson's dad, Craig, has been coaching football since 1983, when he started as a University of Wyoming graduate assistant. His career has since included six seasons as the Giants' running backs coach and 20 seasons total with the NFL (via New York Giants). For the record, her dad seems just as dedicated to her as she is to him; Craig Johnson once skipped the draft to go to her college graduation.

To say that Johnson's taken advantage of her NFL connections is an understatement. For one, you can spot her on social media hanging on the sideline of a Giants' game next to her pops. For two, maybe her first appearance on TV (well before her appearance on The Bachelor) was on ESPN, when she went to her first NFL draft in New York City.

Sydney Johnson is a sorority sister

Remember how Sydney Johnson graduated in 2014 from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville? While she was attending the school, she formed part of the university's Kappa Delta sorority (via LinkedIn). These days, Johnson works as a communications coordinator for Vaco, a talent solutions company, where she calls her coworkers "family." But the friendships she made in college appear to be lasting.

Sorority aside, long-lasting friendships seem to be par for the course for Johnson, who also appears to be extremely close with her big sister and her mother, whom she calls, "the woman who I hope to become one day." Johnson was also tight with her grandfather, or her "Pop Pop," an ex-Air Force pilot, and who she considers "such a positive role model." In other words, when Johnson promises on her ABC profile that she can bring "love, loyalty, motivation, and support" to a relationship, you can no doubt believe it. It looks like she's had plenty of positive examples to live by.

The keys to Sydney Johnson's heart

We haven't had the chance to sit down and chat with Sydney Johnson personally, of course. But we'd bet good money based on social media sleuthing that the keys to her heart lie in football, red wine (and perhaps a jalapeño margarita), and traveling.

Because, boy, has Sydney Johnson been around. Among the destinations she's displayed on her social media: Pensacola Beach and Siesta Key, Florida; Burkes Beach, South Carolina; Kent Island, Maryland;  Brighton, Utah; Boston, Massachusetts; Dove Mountain, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Napa, California. Finally — and we're jealous — Johnson is clearly a queen of the Caribbean, having visited the beaches of Nassau, Bahamas; St Kitts and Nevis; and Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

What else might you do to woo the 28-year-old tour-de-force? According to Johnson's Vaco company profile, "being able to communicate and connect on that level with non-English speakers would be truly special." So maybe an immersive language course? Hint, hint, Matt James.