90 Day Fiance Fans Are Getting Even More Spinoff News

Discovery+ is spoiling us with 90 Day Fiancé content, debuting no less than four new spin-off shows this month. 90 Day Bares All, 90 Day Journey, The Other Way Strikes Back, and 90 Day Diaries are poised to give super-fans an inside look at some of the most beloved couples and biggest villains in the franchise, which should satiate our hunger for new content, at least for now. On top of all that, though, another new show looks set to add a competitive element to the proceedings. 

Love Games is premiering in early February and puts a juicy spin on the already established tell-all concept. The trailer is suitably insane, showcasing just how much hilarity and drama ensues when attention-starved reality stars are stuck at home with nothing better to do than appear onscreen for our enjoyment. Love Games will surely find plenty to excavate as some of the most memorable 90 Day Fiancé stars show off just how competitive they are when it comes down to it. 

90 Day Fiance stars will compete in the Love Games

As Deadline reports, the first ever 90 Day Fiancé game show premieres Feb. 8. Twenty-four ionic couples will compete against each other, answering questions ranging from the mundane to the intimate, in a manner not dissimilar to The Newlywed Game. Viewers should learn plenty of fascinating facts about former and current paramours' worst habits and most shocking secrets, in a bid to prove which duo really knows each other best. Questions are designed specifically to cause problems between the featured teams, with the trailer hinting at an argument erupting between Paola and Russ over remembering their anniversary. 

Amping up the drama considerably, Love Games is an elimination-style show with three rounds followed by a finale after which the winners nab the coveted championship trophy. The "first of its kind competition" show was, obviously, shot remotely with each couple being filmed at home — or, in certain cases, such as Angela and Michael, in two separate homes — which adds an innate intimacy. Love Games is hosted by Sukanya Krishnan, who is familiar with the format having anchored TLC's dating show Find Love Live. Several fan fave pairs will appear, including Brett and Daya and Colt, who has of course teamed up with his mother, Debbie. Naturally, it's guaranteed to be a must-watch.