The Truth About 90 Day Bares All

90 Day Fiancé isn't just a reality show, it's a bona-fide phenomenon. It's only been around for six years, but thanks to its omnipresence on network TLC and the oversaturation of the stars across social media, not to mention the various spinoffs, imagining a time without the show is nigh impossible. The show's premise is devilishly simple, but ripe for drama: international couples try to obtain the elusive K-1 visa; to do so, they must wed within the strict 90-day window and live happily ever after.

The road to true love rarely runs smoothly, of course, which is what makes 90 Day Fiancé simultaneously so irresistible and addictive. Fans go to bat for their favorites and let their grievances about the so-called villains of the show known with just as much fervor. Evidently, considering there are eight spinoff shows to date, the passion for it clearly cannot be satiated. And, further compounding that fact, Discovery+ just announced four more must-watch offshoots.

The latest 90 Day Fiancé spinoff promises to be juicy

As Screen Rant notes, 90 Day Bares All, 90 Day Diaries, 90 Day Journey, and The Other Way Strikes Back will all drop on the new, "non-fiction, real life subscription streaming service," Discovery+. 90 Day Bares All is the most fan-focused, with couples who previously featured on the show taking part to share secrets and behind-the-scenes titbits in a no-holds-barred manner hitherto unseen on 90 Day Fiancé. Shaun Robinson will host and plenty of fascinating new information is slated to be revealed.

The Hollywood Gossip reported that season 8 stars Brandon and Julia, Tarik and Hazel, Mike and Natalie, and Jovi and Yara will appear alongside Angela Deem and Molly Hopkins, neither of whom are likely to appear alongside their exes. Other returning couples include Brittany and Yazan, David and Annie, Jenny and Sumit, and even lovable duo Tarik and Dean. There's plenty of drama among this lot, so clearly there will be lots to talk about on Bares All.

New episodes are expected to drop weekly, with Discovery+ surely hoping fans get just as hooked on this spinoff as they are on everything else 90 Day Fiancé-related.