Who Is The Bachelor's Kimberly Courneya?

This season of The Bachelor is unprecedented for a few reasons. Matt James, the 29-year-old real estate broker with 32 women vying for his attention, is the first Black Bachelor the show has seen in all its 25 seasons. The show was also filmed in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, so the cast and crew had to operate under strict quarantine guidelines (via Variety). And although she has already been eliminated, contestant Kimberly Courneya certainly made a memorable entrance on the season premiere when she exited the limousine holding a massive fish.

Sadly, Kimberly did not make it past the first rose ceremony, but she seems to have a positive outlook on the situation. In an Instagram post after her elimination aired, the 29-year-old airline recruiter shared a pair of photos — one of which shows her stepping out of the limo with the fish — with the caption: "There's plenty of fish in the sea". Her journey with Matt may have come to an end, but there's still so much to know about Kimberly. She does not share a lot of her personal life on social media (where she has a modest 4,279 followers as of this writing), but we have managed to dig up some details on the Washington native.

Kimberly Courneya's carefree and adventurous

Kimberly Courneya's official Bachelor bio states she "is the kind of woman who radiates joy and happiness everywhere she goes. She is a carefree soul who would have no problem picking up her life and moving to a new town on a whim." Her Instagram page is chock-full of adventures, whether in her native Seattle or the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, so we have no doubts that she would go wherever the wind takes her. 

In one post from 2017, Kimberly shared a short video from a trip to Hawaii. "Cliff jumping & swam with turtles," the caption reads. "Definitely worth all the salt water in my nose." However, her own hometown can also be just as exciting. She also loves picnics, good snacks and, when the weather permits, going on the hunt for Seattle's best sunset viewpoints," says her Bachelor bio. 

Clearly, Kimberly has no short supply of excitement in her life — her time on The Bachelor was surely just another adventure to her.

Kimberly Courneya's close with her siblings, despite not having a 'traditional childhood'

Though Kimberly Courneya appears to be close with her three siblings, her Instagram hints that they did not grow up together. "We didn't have your traditional childhood," a post from April 2020 reads. "The last time the 4 of us had a picture together Chantay was probably still in diapers." Kimberly then ends the caption with a heartwarming quote from the Disney animated movie Lilo & Stitch: "'Ohana means nobody gets left behind or forgotten'".

It's not clear exactly what Kimberly's family situation was like growing up, but it's nice to see that she remains close with her siblings regardless. Later in 2020, Kimberly shared a birthday post for her younger sister, Chantay. "HAPPY (covid) BIRTHDAY BABY SIS," she wrote in the caption. "Cheers to a quarter of a century, love you more than you know!" The post features photos of the bikini-clad sisters with the location tag as Scarsdale, Ariz., suggesting the siblings were spending some quality time together in celebration. 

Kimberly Courneya's proud of her wild, curly hair

One of Kimberly Courneya's defining features is her gorgeous curly hair. It is clearly something she is proud of, as she has an entire Instagram highlight dedicated to stunning shots of her voluminous locks. Kimberly often shares full-haired selfies to her feed, with captions like: "Crazy. Wild. Free & that just describes my hair." In another selfie, Kimberly can be seen embracing her friend, who also has a curly mane. "Curls 4 the girls," Kimberly captioned the post.

In a hilarious video dated in 2019, Kimberly also shared the struggle behind perfecting one of these beautiful selfies. In the clip, the wind is seriously messing with her ability to snap the perfect shot. "Behind the scenes trying to get ONE good pic," she captioned the post. 

It's unclear what products she uses or routine she follows, but perhaps this is something followers can look forward to now that her luscious curls have graced national television. Inquiring minds want to know!