You Probably Missed Katheryn Winnick's Role On This Reality Show

Katheryn Winnick is a Canadian actress, director, and producer who is best known for her role as shield-maiden Lagertha in the History Channel's drama VikingsShe's also currently filming the show Big Sky for the ABC network.


Winnick is very proud of her Vikings character, and even told the History Channel that she identifies with many of Lagertha's traits. "Like her, I refuse to play second fiddle. She won't sit at home and take care of the kids while he goes out to explore. No way — she goes out and fights."

Fighting is something that both her character on Vikings and her character on Big Sky have in common. Winnick explained to Collider that the core traits are the same, but the aesthetics of each character differ. "I don't have to get into braids or leathers or chains. Now, I just have to fight battles through my intellect and intuition."

While many fans likely associate Winnick with these two roles, she actually had a bit part on the American reality show The It Factor back in 2002! The show followed the stories of twelve aspiring actors and actresses as they tried to crack into show business in New York City.


How Katheryn Winnick's experience on a reality show helped her career

Katheryn Winnick has not spoken much about her experience on the reality show The It Factor in interviews or elsewhere, but it seems that it definitely helped her career. According to actress and producer Alyshia Ochse, who interviewed Winnick about her work, the time Winnick spent on The It Factor helped her sign on with an "influential" theatre agent and to "making creatively bold choices in the audition room that garnered attention from casting directors on both coasts."


Those bold choices definitely seem to be working for her. Winnick has even added director to her list of credentials, as she has taken the helm for a few episodes of Big Sky. It turns out she's more than qualified, as she began directing years ago.

"I started off directing in high school. For me, it's always been my love, and acting has just been taking up my time. I do love acting, but I really enjoy directing" (via Collider). While we love to watch Winnick in front of the camera, we cannot wait to see what her life behind the scenes has in store!