You've Been Using Eyelid Tape Wrong This Entire Time

Eyelid tape, as the name suggests, is a thin, clear strip of tape that's designed to be placed on your eyelid to create a temporary crease or "double eyelid" (via Green Room Spa). Though this "double eyelid" illusion is a popular look among Asian women, those who have droopy eyelids or monolids, an eyelid shape without a crease, may use eyelid tape to achieve a more youthful, wide-eyed appearance (via Flare).

Some desire this doe-eyed look so much that they're willing to get surgery for it — it's called a blepharoplasty (via Healthline). According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, double eyelid blepharoplasty is the most common aesthetic surgery in all of East Asia. 

But here's the thing: Unless your natural eyelids are interfering with your vision, going the extra mile to permanently change the appearance of your eyelids just isn't worth it. In fact, there are risks associated with long-term use of eyelid tape (via Dream Medical Group) and eyelid surgery (via the Mayo Clinic).

The cons of wearing eyelid tape

If you're in a hurry, eyelid tape may seem like a quick-and-easy fix, but according to board-certified plastic surgeon Kenneth Kim, MD, wearing eyelid tape can cause negative consequences, such as eyelid thickening and stretching.

"Eyelid thickening occurs when one wears eyelid tape or glue, which results in the edges of the skin to become irritated from friction," Kim tells Dream Medical Group. "Another negative consequence of wearing eyelid tape or glue is that eyelid skin stretching will occur." Using eyelid tape may also cause an allergic reaction, especially if you have sensitive skin (via RealSelf).

Instead of putting your eyelids at risk for irritation and/or an allergic reaction, you could embrace your look by defining your monolids with makeup. If the thought of stepping into Sephora seems a bit intimidating, celebrity makeup artist Sir John recommends keeping things simple and investing in a "good eye primer" and a "cooler-toned shadow"(via Byrdie).