Hannah Brown Reveals What's Left On Her Bucket List

In October 2020, Hannah Brown, known from season 15 of The Bachelorette and season 23 of The Bachelor, shared her bucket list on her YouTube channel. From healthy habits to travel plans, an array of goals were covered in the video, including some focusing on her romantic life.

During her time on reality television, fans saw Brown choose Jed Wyatt as her fiancé, though this relationship ended after the cameras stopped rolling. Also, according to People, Wyatt was involved with someone else before and while on The Bachelorette. Later, Brown asked out Tyler Cameron, the runner-up on the show, and a date did take place. But Cameron was also rumored to have gone on a date with supermodel Gigi Hadid, leaving the fate of this Bachelor Nation duo uncertain (via Glamour).

When asked about his relationship with Brown in November 2020, Cameron said, as reported by E! Online, "we're friends" and that he and Brown "definitely played" into the rumors surrounding them. And when discussing her current goals, Brown stated that she would like to go on dates (something she apparently hadn't done at the time of recording this video), meet nice guys and trust again (something she is still working on). She went on to say that she still wants love — the real kind — and that in the meantime, she would be working on truly loving herself.

Though, the next month, Brown's YouTube channel did reveal that she got on a dating app.

Hannah Brown's bucket list is full of travel plans and wellness goals

Besides setting good intentions for her love life, Hanna Brown's bucket list contained many travel-inspired goals, too. For instance, she would like to go on an African safari, visit the Grand Canyon, and see the Northern Lights. She dreams of swimming in hot springs in Iceland and eating macarons by the Eiffel Tower. At the top of this list is going through glow worm caves in New Zealand.

Since it is the start of a new year, many people have made similar lists, which probably include hopes for health and wellness. For Brown, in particular, she included eating better, taking more walks, reading more, and being involved in her community.

Fans will also be glad to hear that this Bachelor Nation star was able to check off some items from her bucket list, as she has been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, done ballroom dancing, flown first class, and ridden in a helicopter. Hopefully, Brown is able to continue reaching goals, in 2021 and beyond.