The Truth About Donald Trump Jr.'s Move To Florida

The population of Florida is growing rapidly in the wake of President Trump's second impeachment. It seems the entire Trump family is quickly coming to realize that their longtime home of New York City might not be ready to roll out the welcome mat come January 21.

According to an exclusive report from the New York Post, Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle have been house hunting in the affluent city of Jupiter, Florida. Described by USA Today as "the northernmost town in Palm Beach County," it's about 80 miles north of Miami on the Atlantic coast of the state and is home to the exclusive Jupiter Island, which, according to the outlet, has the highest per capita income "of any place in the country," as of 2017.

As noted by the Daily Mail, Trump Jr. never officially made the move to Washington D.C. when his father was elected, but instead chose to travel between his many homes including a lavish apartment in Manhattan, a newly purchased mansion in the Hamptons, his hunting cabin in upstate New York, and Mar-a-Lago, which is President Trump's estate in Palm Beach.

There's no denying that the notoriously liberal Big Apple is becoming much less hospitable if your last name is Trump, and it's forcing the family to seek refuge in the more conservative state of Florida. An anonymous insider close to the family revealed to The New York Post, "There is no way they can stay in New York. They'd be tortured in the streets."

Legal complications could make it difficult for President Trump to take up residence at Mar-a-Lago

A home in Jupiter would put Donald Trump, Jr. just 20 miles north of his father's residence in Mar-a-Lago, and while it's obvious President Trump's family is following their patriarch to the Sunshine State, some Palm Beach residents are less than pleased at the prospect.

It's already well known that after Biden takes office, Donald Trump has every intention, much to the chagrin of his neighbors, of taking up residence in Palm Beach at his lavish private club, Mar-A-Lago. The New York Times reported that in September of 2019, Trump officially changed his permanent residence status from New York to Florida in preparation for the eventual move, but a legal snafu regarding the distinction between "residence" and private club might mean Trump can't make Mar-A-Lago his "home."

The Washington Post explained that back in 1993, Trump made an agreement, in an effort to save money, that Mar-a-Lago members could not stay in the guest suites for more than 21 days a year, and they could not stay longer than seven consecutive days in a row. Living at the now private club would be in direct breach of these terms, and local residents that would prefer the president not take up residence in their neighborhood are calling him out on it. It doesn't help that a Trump attorney issued a statement at the time of the new residency arrangement assuring the town council that Trump would never live at Mar-a-Lago.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have already bought land in Florida for a new home

Rumors initially swirled, per, that Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and their kids were planning a move to New Jersey post Biden's inauguration, after reports of renovation plans at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster sparked speculation. Representatives of the Golf Club are reportedly presenting plans for what is called in the blueprints, "Kushner Cottage," before the township's planning board some time this month.

At 5,000 square feet, cottage seems like a stretch, but considering the couple just purchased an empty lot on a private island in Miami for $32 million, perhaps the diminutive title for the house makes sense. Page Six reported that the lot on Indian Creek Island is commonly referred to as "Billionaire's Bunker," and is a private gated community of just 29 residents with a private police force of 13 officers. Since the lot is just an hour's drive from Mar-a-Lago, it's likely the Trump-Kushner's will wait out their new construction in New Jersey until they can move into their new affluent neighborhood which would put them close to family.

In the meantime, Page Six has also reported that Tiffany Trump and her boyfriend, Michael Boulos, are currently living at the high-end Setai Hotel in Miami's South Beach, but are also on the hunt for a condo or a house in the area. And while the youngest Trump daughter would prefer to stay in the hip party town of South Beach, it would still position her less than two hours from her dad and siblings.

Donald Trump Jr.'s move would also put him closer to his 5 kids

Donald Trump Jr.'s move to Jupiter will not only put him in proximity to his family members, which Business Insider describes as "a well-trodden family bubble," but as an anonymous source explained to the New York Post, it also happens to be where his ex-wife lives with their five children, and is in the same town as a Trump branded golf course, Trump National Golf Club Jupiter.

The source went on to explain that the President's 43-year-old namesake and his 51-year-old girlfriend are looking for a home that's move-in ready because "they don't have the time to build a dream house from the ground up." While it's unclear why that is, other than the assumption that they want to get out of Manhattan as quickly as possible, the anonymous source went on to say, "They are looking at a very secure, guarded, protected community with like-minded conservatives." Confirming what already seems obvious, the insider concluded, "There's no way they will ever feel welcome in New York."

If for any reason the Trump patriarch can't call Mar-a-Lago home, he certainly has plenty of other places to stay around Florida until he finds a permanent residence.