Bachelor Fans Have A Wild Conspiracy Theory About Queen Victoria

We all know that the Bachelor Nation loves its drama, and will do pretty much anything to stir the tea. It's no secret that there are have been loads of tactics thrown at contestants in The Bachelor franchise to add a bit of drama and controversy to the audience's viewing experience; from forcing losing contestants to give reactions, to using fake homes on hometown visits, and of course, to fabricating some of the ridiculous limo entrances (via PopSugar). It would seem that no season is exempt from the producers' desires to sprinkle drama into the fabric of the show — including current Bachelor Matt James' season.

Despite the current season only being a few episodes in, there is already one contestant that fans can't stop whispering about. Victoria Larson, aka Queen Victoria, appears to be that contestant this season. You know who we mean: the kind that loves stirring up drama through ridiculous antics, stomping the pavement with a no BS attitude, not caring at all about who she steps on to get to the end because she "isn't here to make friends" (via Cosmopolitan). Well Victoria fits that character to a tee. So much, in fact, that fans are wondering if she might have been a producer plant, à la their standard seasonal sabotage.

Many Bachelor fans truly believe that Larson is a character that the producers planted

Victoria Larson introduced herself this season coming in on a literal throne, tiara and all. Fans thought that this grandiose entrance would show us that Larson was a sort of self-aware, comedy queen — but nope. So far there's been nothing ironic about her self-proclaimed royalty. Even former Bachelor contestant Ashley Iaconetti is stumped by this character that Larson is playing, and genuinely seems to believe that the show producers hired Larson as an actress. "You guys...What. Is. Going. On? Is Victoria a hired actress? Seriously!" Iaconetti pondered. "I'm actually wondering about this. Because for someone who waltzed in calling herself a queen, I thought she'd have a sense of humor about herself, but nope, she has zippo!" (via Cosmopolitan).

Fans of the show can't help but wonder the exact same thing, and Twitter is going crazy over this new conspiracy theory. One Twitter user wrote, "I refuse to believe Victoria is actually like this in real life. She's got to be a producer plant, no one is this outrageous... right? #Bachelor." Even Bachelor Nation's J.P. Rosenbaum can't help but buy into the conspiracy. He tweeted, "The more I think about it, the more I believe that Victoria was planted by the show/producers. ... Her "villain" traits don't seemed authentic. Her presence, attitude, etc were so forced. No way she's just a random contestant. #TheBachelor."

While we may never actually learn the truth about this crazy conspiracy theory, we're certainly intrigued.