Who Is The Bachelor's Victoria Larson?

The 2021 season of The Bachelor starting stealing headlines way before it hit television for a number of reasons. For one, the lead, Matt James, is the franchise's first Black bachelor (it's way past time, tbh). Matt was introduced to Bachelor Nation in part because of his tight friendship with former contestant and all-round heartthrob Tyler Cameron. Matt's season premiered on January 4, 2021, and not only did the new Bachelor exceed all expectations, but the ladies competing for his affections came with their eyes 100 percent on the prize.

If one contestant stood out on night one, it was the "queen," Victoria Larson. Abandoning the traditional limo entrance for an actual throne carried in by a posse of men, Victoria stole the night's coveted title of "early villain," and proceeded to tick some fellow contestants off in the process. 

So what's there to know about the woman who wore an actual tiara for her debut on The Bachelor, and announced her royalty at every possible moment? A lot, actually. Here are the answers to the question everyone is asking: who is The Bachelor's Victoria Larson?

Victoria Larson made a name for herself on night one on The Bachelor

Contestants on The Bachelor are known for going all out to make their entrances memorable, and Matt James' night one was no different — one contestant even came in her underwear! But Victoria Larson made it a point to go big or go home as she made her debut on a literal throne, carried by four men in masks (those poor guys, honestly). Victoria's royal look was topped off with a tiara, and she brought a crown for Matt to wear as king. 

Apparently, the grandness of Victoria's entrance didn't sit well with everyone, but Matt revealed while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he really enjoyed Victoria's confidence. "I appreciated everything about Victoria's entrance and who she was because...whatever you need to do to stand out she did it," he explained. "I remembered her name and it was lighthearted and it broke the ice." 

Of course, Victoria's overly confident persona did lead to some disappointment on night one: at one point, the "queen” was absolutely convinced that she'd be the recipient of the coveted first impression rose, which wasn't the case. Nevertheless, she made herself known.

Victoria Larson from The Bachelor has a pretty impressive resume

Bachelor Nation knows that a contestant's age, hometown, and occupation are listed on screen during their entrance and interviews. Some occupations have been funny — think Heather M. from Colton Underwood's season, whose occupation was "Never Been Kissed." Victoria Larson is another contestant whose occupation has nothing to do with her actual career, as she's listed simply as "Queen." 

But for a woman whose occupation got left out of her on-screen description, Victoria has a pretty impressive professional history. According to Cosmopolitan, Victoria is the founder of a spray tanning company, JetSetGlo, and the founder of Vikki Larson Beauty. Here's a little bit about each brand: JetSetGlo is a tanning service for "the jetsetter in the Los Angeles area," according to its since-removed website. In 30 minutes or less, clients can experience luxury tanning services in their own home. To top off a good thing, all the products used are natural. Vikki Larson Beauty is similar in that all the products sold are vegan; they range from dry brush sets to detox plans. Looks like Victoria certainly has an eye for entrepreneurship.

Victoria Larson from The Bachelor is a Los Angeles girl now

Victoria Larson is originally from the east coast, but as of her time on The Bachelor and since its filming, she's become a denizen of Los Angeles. Of course, Los Angeles is known to be the hot spot for all things content, beauty, and reality television related — just think of how many former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants have called Los Angeles home — and Victoria is no exception. In fact, she's taken to social media many times to share snapshots of her life in the city, from her time in Beverly Hills with her cute little dog to her quick trips up the coast to Santa Barbara. 

So how does Victoria feel about her life in the city? Pretty good, from what we can gather. "I'm so inspired here, I feel so grateful, I love my friends here, I never want to move," Vitoria gushed on Instagram. "I've worked so hard to be here and feel so lucky to have my home here." Looks like Los Angeles is going to remain the "queen's" land for a while after her days on The Bachelor.

In addition to being a queen, Victoria Larson from The Bachelor is a certified pilates instructor

Add one more line to Victoria Larson's already impressive resume: in addition to being a business owner and a self proclaimed queen, Victoria is a certified pilates instructor. As she shared on Instagram, Victoria was certified through Natural Pilates, and focuses on helping her clients with all things connectivity, from stability to recognizing when the body needs a much deserved break. "Becoming certified to teach this year has been such a blessing so I can have another method to help my clients reach their health goals," Victoria wrote on her blog. "Pilates is a great foundation because it really teaches you to connect your breath and find the mind body connection." 

Victoria's approach to fitness honestly does sound great. She made a point of describing on Instagram just how important it is to "take care of your temple," and to approach every workout expressing kindness to your body. Looks like we might need the queen to teach us a thing or two.

Victoria Larson from The Bachelor is originally from New York

Honestly, based on her full steam ahead approach to night one of The Bachelor, we could've guessed that Victoria Larson is originally from New York. As noted in her Instagram bio, Victoria went from New York to Florida to California, and based on her social media activity, still visits the Big Apple fairly often. 

In fact, Victoria spent the 2019 Christmas season in the city, and posted a bunch of cute selfies in her warm winter outfits. Perhaps poking fun at her own height while in New York for the holiday, (Victoria reportedly stands at 5 foot 5 inches), she posted a funny snap of her standing just as tall as a decorated Christmas tree writing, "to my short friends, goodnight." 

From the looks of it, Victoria enjoys some of the best spots that New York has to offer while she visits the city — like the STK Steakhouse and the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar — so it's clear that the queen prioritizes style and substance. Thrive queen, we love to see it.

Victoria Larson from The Bachelor once tried her hand in the pageant circuit

It seems like more and more contestants on The Bachelor have a pageant past, and Victoria Larson is no exception. She shared on her Instagram page a video of her trying out for the Miss California USA pageant, wearing a beautiful gown from B&B Couture in New York City and engaging in the classic "pageant" walk around the stage. During her quick pageant career, Victoria shared some gorgeous professional photos of her all glammed up, and made sure to include some inspirational quotes as her captions. 

Of course, Victoria's time as a pageant contestant adds her to the ever growing list of Bachelor contestants who thrived in the circuit before their time on the show. The most notable? Hannah Brown, for starters, who was a contestant on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor; she introduced herself as Miss Alabama (she won the crown in 2018, as noted by Entertainment Tonight). Colton's season was also graced by another beauty queen, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who was 2018's Miss North Carolina and was the runner-up for Miss USA, via Marie Claire. Looks like Victoria has some impressive pageant shoes to fill.

Victoria Larson from The Bachelor opened up about her struggles relating to physical health

Anyone who watches The Bachelor knows that the most commonly-used words on the show are: rose, journey, and vulnerability. And it looks like Victoria Larson got the memo on being vulnerable, because she's shared her struggles with health very openly. "I struggled with counting calories, excessive working out and finally came to [an] equilibrium," she wrote on her website. "My desire to help others and my education from [the] Institute for Integrative Nutrition through NYU, along with my personal journey of getting physically...healthy, in addition to my pilates certification, makes me the perfect health coach." 

Looks like Victoria knows exactly how to turn her past experiences, coupled with her education, into a thriving career. Through her beauty brand, she also offers a guided 21-day detox to help clients "transform [their] mind, body, and spirit." "A commitment of 21 days can merit amazing results, especially with daily check-ins and tips to keep you motivated," she claims. Sign us up. If interested, you'll need to dish out $800 for the program, but to be honest, it sounds worth it.

Victoria Larson from The Bachelor made her way from New York to Florida for college

Some people choose to stay in their hometowns or home states for college, but Victoria Larson left New York for Florida to attend Florida State University. As she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post about her education, career, and self growth, Victoria was awarded a full academic scholarship to FSU, and left for a new state and new school at just 17 years old. "It was the first time on my own and I struggled immensely with navigating the new chapter," Victoria wrote. "I had trauma come up that I hadn't dealt with and just really a tough time overall." Fortunately, she added, she met wonderful people, which probably helped immensely. 

After her time in college, Victoria traveled through Europe, and then made her way back to Florida before moving to Los Angeles. She worked for a short time as a flight attendant, but ultimately decided to go back to school to focus on health, wellness, and healing. 

Based on her social media activity, Victoria does travel back to Florida fairly often, calling it "home" in one of her posts from December of 2020.

The Bachelor's Victoria Larson's love language is physical touch

Finding out someone's love language is a great way to get to know them and communicate effectively. Some people show love through quality time, and others with words of affirmation, but some — including Victoria Larson — show their love through physical touch. According to her official ABC bio, Victoria "loves romance, and with her love language being physical touch, she hopes to find someone who appreciates that side of her." So brace yourselves for the potential of some on-screen PDA, the "I just want to kiss him" line, and the drama that comes with 28 different women kissing the same guy. 

So what else is Victoria looking for, and will Matt James fit the bill? Well, apparently Victoria "knows she has a big personality," and is apparently looking for a partner who's strong in his own right, "but who won't be controlling in any way, shape or form." Also according to her bio, Victoria is looking for a relationship that includes "loyalty, honesty, and independence." She clearly knows what she wants, so we'll just have to wait and see if Matt is the man for her!

Victoria Larson from The Bachelor revealed that she's struggled with addiction

The queen clearly knows that vulnerability is a good look for her, because Victoria Larson has put it all out there on social media. During her time on the pageant circuit, Victoria revealed on Instagram that she's struggled with addiction in the past, and used her experience to guide her pageant platform. "I am so excited for Miss California USA and my platform of lobbying for stricter pharmaceutical laws after struggling with adderall addiction in my life," she wrote on Instagram. "Meditation, spiritual healing, mindful movement, and self growth into self awareness has built me into being [confidently] beautiful. Way more than a pill allowing me to fit a certain dress size while destroying my mental health ever could." She added that she's honored to be an example for young women to look up to, and hopes to inspire confidence in them. We. Love. To. See. It. 

Health and wellness is clearly a very big part of Victoria's life, and she clearly has no qualms about sharing her more vulnerable experiences. We'll see if her story of survival and overcoming challenges will make it on the show.

Victoria Larson from The Bachelor doesn't hold herself back

It's clear that Victoria Larson isn't one to hold herself back. Even from her official ABC bio, it's obvious that she didn't go on The Bachelor to mess around. "Victoria truly has no filter, which she loves about herself, and plans to be very forward in her pursuit of Matt," the page reads, and clearly it's accurate. 

Victoria ruffled some feathers on night one, not only with her opulent entrance, but also with her ambitious behavior when it came to stealing time with Matt James. As any big Bachelor fan knows, the lead is bounced between contestants all throughout the cocktail party, with the infamous line, "Can I borrow him for a minute?" code for "I need time with him now, so move." 

Because night one has so many ladies present, it's no wonder that not all of them get to talk to the leading man. But during Matt's premiere night, Victoria talked to him not once but twice, much to the dismay of the women who didn't get to talk to him at all. Clearly, Victoria is one to watch.

What do you think The Bachelor's Victoria Larson's biggest turnoff is?

Some women can't stand men who are bad texters, while others know that a mama's boy is a no-go (we're thinking of you, Peter Weber). But Victoria Larson's turnoff, according to her official ABC bio, is this: she can't stand a man with a messy room. We support it, because cleanliness and hygiene are everything. 

To that end, if we were Victoria, we'd maybe take a look at some of the social media activity that Matt James and the "Quarantine Crew" posted back in 2020 to get some insight. As anyone who was glued to their phone (probably watching videos of Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron dancing together and playing pranks on Matt) knows, the quarantine house in Jupiter, Florida was not exactly the picture of neatness. Still, Matt told Life & Style that his time in the house was wonderful, and quite kinetic. "There's a lot of moving parts and people in the house so it's been nice because the day-to-day is different," he explained. Hopefully Victoria knows that her turnoff might be in the cards.

Apparently, Victoria Larson from The Bachelor is the Corinne of Matt's season

The Bachelor is perhaps one of the only shows that literally thrives off of spoilers, and thanks to the diligence of Reality Steve, we now know that Victoria Larson is the "Corinne" of Matt James' season. 

A quick refresher for those of you who didn't watch Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor: Corrine Olympios was quite the character, and she quickly made a name for herself on the show. According to People, she became known for her on-screen topless photo shoot and questionable whipped cream decisions, and was quickly labeled as the "villain." But really, Corinne was funny, bold, and as such, not everyone's taste; nevertheless, she's still an iconic character in the eyes of Bachelor Nation. 

So how will Victoria follow in the "platinum vagine" footsteps that Corinne paved? Well, according to Reality Steve, Victoria will bring the same kind of humor, boldness, and opulence to the screen. "Some people will think she's hilarious, some people will find her as comedic relief, and some people will find her performative and incredibly irritating thinking she's better than everyone else," he wrote. "Same song, different season."

Victoria Larson offers clients health coaching sessions

The queen of any land knows that marketing yourself is the best thing you can do, and Victoria Larson definitely got the memo. After graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition through New York University, Victoria turned her skills into a career. Specifically, she once offered different services through Vikki Larson Beauty to help clients turn their health and wellness dreams into realities. 

So what could you get from the queen herself? Well, as listed on her website, Victoria helped clients in a number of ways. Those interested could once choose to hire Victoria as a health coach, and she would teach you what kind of foods your body needs the most. They could also use Victoria as a resource throughout the process of achieving a healthier lifestyle. 

If you want the queen's knowledge, however, get ready to dish out $250 per hour. Victoria once also offered clients a 14-day personal health plan, in which she met up with clients twice a week for an hour (for a $485 price tag). One thing's for sure, Victoria knows her worth.