The One Beauty Product More Than 36% Of Women Refuse To Give Up

Makeup can be used for many things from wanting to highlight certain features to showing your creative side. Something like blue eyeshadow is a fun color to experiment with, but also works well on almost every skin tone, per Byrdie. The universal color also has many different shades, depending on how adventurous you feel. Beauty products can also work to enhance a woman's natural beauty. If you're looking for something a little more subtle, Cosmopolitan recommends reaching for "rosy-pink lipsticks, which add a bit of warmth" to our complexion. 

With so many incredible makeup options, we wondered what is the one beauty product that our readers refuse to give up. The List surveyed 574 women in the U.S. to find out which items you're obsessed with. The top of the list for products you love is mascara concealer, which came in at 36.24 percent. We get it, a little coat of black mascara can make your eyes really stand out. They say eyes are the window to the soul and obviously we want to make sure they look great. However, the next items on the list might surprise you.

Other makeup products women said they can't live without

When you're going on a date or a night out with the girls, most of us reach for a little lip color. Byrdie explained that the right lipstick can even make our lips look bigger and poutier. So, it's unsurprising that lipstick came in at second place on our must-have list with 21.60 percent.

Coming at third place in our survey, was eyeliner with 17.94 percent. Which was a bit shocking because we love a good smokey eye. Fourth on the list was our "other" category with 9.41 percent, where many listed the beauty products they love. Numerous women commented that their favorites are moisturizer, foundation and an eyebrow pencil. We totally agree, who doesn't love bold and beautiful eyebrows?

Rounding out the bottom of the list was blush at 9.23 percent and fake eyelashes at 5.57 percent. Looks like more ladies are choosing to make their eyes stand out with regular mascara and not fake lashes. We personally enjoy both and think you should wear whatever makeup makes you feel the most gorgeous and confident.