Halsey's Matching Tattoo With Her Boyfriend Has A Surprising Meaning

Halsey recently announced that she and her boyfriend, Alev Aydin, are expecting a child together and as questions continue to be asked in regard to who Aydin actually is, fans are newly learning about the couple's matching foot tattoos. Turns out the musician and her boyfriend secretly got inked by California-based tattoo artist Amanda Owley in June 2020, months before confirming the impending birth of their new baby.


On Jan. 27, Owley posted her congratulations to the couple on Instagram, with a few photos from their summer ink session and the caption, "Congratulations to @iamhalsey and @zoneaydin on their growing family. It was a pleasure spending time with you both last year." The "last year" part sent the sleuths out to find out when exactly Halsey and Aydin got their tattoos, which turns out was June 2020 (via Us Weekly). The soon-to-be-parents got the word "seeds" on their feet, with Halsey's skin art close to her heel and Aydin's ink on the top of his foot.

Halsey's ink artist shares a clue as to the meaning of the tattoos

When Amanda Owley first posted about Halsey and Alev Aydin's tattoos, it was back on June 21, 2020. She captioned the series of four photos with, "Today I met the sweetest two people. Ashley and Alev. You may know her better as HALSEY." She added, "'Seeds' is for planting seeds. She said this is cosmicly [sic] the best week to plant seeds in your life. I agree." The tattoo artist went on to reveal that the couple's tattoos were written "in each other's handwriting."


Halsey's due date isn't yet known. When she shared the happy news on her Instagram on Jan. 27, she captioned the post with one word: "surprise!" Fans can't wait to learn more, but of course only when Halsey and Aydin are ready to share. For now, fans, just like Owley, are happy to congratulate the couple on their growing family. Halsey and Aydin couldn't help but gush over their baby news, too. The screenwriter replied to Halsey's post with, "Heart is so full. Love you, sweetness," to which Halsey replied, "I love you!!!!! And I love this mini human already!" (via Life & Style).