Elizabeth & Andrei Share The Most Challenging Parts Of Filming 90 Day Fiancé - Exclusive

90 Day Fiancé has brought its viewers some amazing love stories, some dramatic tension, and of course, amazing entertainment. Some couples have stood the test of time, others have gone viral, and some are making their way back to the screen to compete in the new show on discovery+, Love Games. One such couple is Elizabeth and Andrei, a 90 Days standout couple who have defied the expectations.

Elizabeth and Andrei met in Ireland, and their adventure together was a whirlwind. They survived a long distance relationship, met the families, got married, and welcomed a daughter together. They are, without question, a 90 Day success. But what was the process like for them? Years later, after maintaining their marriage and family, what do they consider to be the hardest part of their 90 Day experience?

The List sat down with Elizabeth and Andrei to chat about their journey together, their time on the new Love Games competition, and everything in between. So settle in, 90 Days fans, because Elizabeth and Andrei revealed to us the best and most challenging parts of their 90 Day Fiancé experience.

What challenges did Elizabeth and Andrei overcome before they even came to the screen?

90 Day Fiancé chronicles the love stories of international couples, and Elizabeth and Andrei definitely faced some challenges when they were going through their visa process. Elizabeth told The List that she and Andrei were "really down" on themselves during their Visa experience, due in part to the fact that it took such a long time. 

"We were, at one point, we were really down on ourselves because the whole visa process itself took such a long time, longer than our lawyer told us it would," she said. "We got really down in the dirt, I guess I would say." Elizabeth shared that at one point, she was prepared to go to Andrei — who still lived in Ireland — because the process became so difficult. "So much time [had] come between us," she said. "And it's like, 'Are we going to be able to overcome it?' You know, 'What's going to happen?' ... Then he ended up getting approved, and here we are." 

According to Boundless, the K-1 visa and the additional forms that allow for an international fiancé to enter the United States can take up to nine months to process, and up an additional four to six weeks before an interview to be requested. Another challenging aspect, according to Elizabeth, was the idea that she and Andrei had to "justify" their relationship in order to be together.

This was the most challenging part of Elizabeth and Andrei's 90 Day experience

When Elizabeth met Andrei in Ireland and their love story began to unfold, she just knew that 90 Day Fiancé was for them. "I just thought it was something that maybe somebody could relate to and see that it's possible, long distance is possible," she told The List, but it was that aspect of their relationship — the long distance — that was the most challenging hurdle to overcome. "The worst part is separation for two years," Andrei said, before adding that a similar aspect — his separation from his family — is also a huge thing to overcome. 

Andrei shared that when Elizabeth brought up the idea of submitting their love story to the show, he was skeptical about the 90 Day experience and what it was going to entail. According to Elizabeth, he really did not want to go on the show. "I think it was a hard decision for me to get in the public eye," he shared. "But you know, after she convinced me and she told me about we're a unique experience, she says, 'We'll have to share this' ... it felt good." 

And we're glad he came to that conclusion, because Elizabeth and Andrei have had such an engaging run on the show.

What stands out to Elizabeth and Andrei as the best part of their 90 Day journey?

There are standout moments in life that make everything feel just a little bit more special, and for Elizabeth and Andrei, their 90 Day Fiancé experience peaked when they welcomed their daughter, Eleanor. Both parents told The List just how special their little girl is to them and how it was the culmination of their 90 Day journey. "My best part is the birth of my daughter," Andrei said. "[Of] every parent's life." Elizabeth echoed the very same sentiment, calling Eleanor the "light of [her] life." 

Andrei revealed that during Love Games, the 90 Days game show that had all its contestants filming from their homes, Eleanor was on his back and in the shots. According to Elizabeth, their little girl just wanted to be a part of the show. Cute!

The only hurdle that has posed some challenges for Elizabeth and Andrei when it comes to their little girl is the fact that Andrei's family is so far away. Elizabeth told The List that it's been very hard knowing that Andrei's family hasn't been able "to really see their granddaughter as much" due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here's hoping that we can all start traveling soon.

Love Games is set to stream on discovery+ starting February 14.