Timothée Chalamet Plays This Iconic Character's Son In Cadillac Super Bowl Ad

The quiet suburban neighborhood looks familiar. So does the pink house. And the voice-over narration. But the new Cadillac Super Bowl LV commercial has put an updated twist on a favorite 1990 film — and it's nothing short of brilliant. "This is the story of a boy with scissors for hands," Winona Ryder introduces the spot. "No, not that one." Who is he? Edgar Scissorhands, played to perfection by Timothée Chalamet

It seems that Ryder's Kim Boggs did have a happily-ever-after with Johnny Depp's Edward, and Edgar is a dead ringer for their son. But as in the original Edward Scissorhands, we find out that life isn't easy when you're a teen with cutting implements for fingers. Sure, you can create an awesome chopped salad, but pulling the stop cord on a bus is problematic — and forget about going to science class when they're teaching about magnets. Happily, the LYRIQ — Cadillac's first all-electric vehicle — is there to help Edgar enjoy at least one normal aspect of life. The car is one of several 2021 Cadillac models to include a hands-free (or, in this case, shears-free) driving feature called Super Cruise. 

Calling Edward Scissorhands "a movie [he] adored growing up," Chalamet told Vogue, "The opportunity to step into that world was a dream come true. I was also excited about LYRIQ's emphasis on environmental sustainability and cutting down on using fossil fuel dependent cars. It felt like the perfect combination of legacy with an eye towards the future."

Director Tim Burton loves Cadillac's new Super Bowl ad

Cadillac's clever Super Bowl spot received the enthusiastic blessing of Tim Burton, who directed the original Edward Scissorhands and co-created the story, per IMDb. In the official press release for the ad, Burton said, "It's rare when a work you're proud of continues to live on and evolve with the times, even after 30 years. I'm glad to see Edgar coping with the new world! I hope both fans and those being introduced to Edward Scissorhands for the first time enjoy it."

Cadillac chief marketing officer Melissa Grady sees the ad as a welcome bit of nostalgia. "At a time when people are looking for an escape from the challenges of the past year, it was a privilege to revisit the beloved story of Edward Scissorhands in a fresh, modern way and showcase Cadillac's electric future during the biggest game of the year," she said. Indeed, the ad stays true to the look and feel of the original, from the 1950s decor of Edgar's home to his feelings of isolation in a world that doesn't always appreciate his uniqueness. 

There's one concession to 2021 life that the creative team wisely left out: Having Chalamet's Edgar Scissorhands trying to put on a face mask would have been too painful to watch.