What Happens If You Get Caught Running On The Field At The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LV was the must-watch event of 2021 thus far. With The Weeknd playing at halftime, Miley Cyrus entertaining hardworking healthcare workers for a special TikTok preshow event and, on the football side of things, star quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes facing off on the field, it was jam packed even if the stadium itself was only at minimum capacity. Aside from the game itself, one of the biggest scene-stealers was a so-called "streaker" — who didn't actually get naked — who took center stage for a short time (via Twitter).

As TMZ notes, the man in question, clad in a pink thong onesie and black shorts, entered the field during the fourth quarter and made a run for the end zone. Although cameras cut away, fans in attendance watched him running for his life, only to give up right before the end zone. He got close to plenty of security, players, and referees, which is concerning, especially since we are in the midst of a raging pandemic. Cops ultimately led him away in handcuffs. Although he looked to be in big trouble, what fate awaits those who risk running onto the field during the Super Bowl?

Florida man has been identified as this year's Super Bowl streaker

According to Vultureit was a promotional stunt for Russian pornography site Vitaly Uncensored, which was also responsible for last year's runner. It has been reported that the fan who took over the game (for a few minutes, anyway) was Florida resident Yuri Andrade (via New York Post). Andrade was arrested late Sunday evening by the Hillsborough County Sherrif's Office and subsequently booked into jail, but was released on a $500 cash bond early Monday Morning (via USA Today). 

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, who confirmed to USA Today that Andrade was indeed the person on the field last night, he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing. He told the department that he is self-employed in international business.

Andrade doesn't seem to be too keen on shying away from his time in the limelight on sport's biggest stage, either — his Instagram account has a few posts about the incident, including one noting that he is the "king" now. 

Kevin Harlan provides legendary commentary on the subject

Kevin Harlan, who was providing game commentary for Westwood One radio, provided an amazing account of the brief moment of levity (via Tampa Bay Times). "5:03 to go and someone has run on the field!" he states. "Some guy with a bra." Since the folks watching the game on TV were not privy to what was actually going on, aside from a brief glimpse of the man running onto the field, Harlan's commentary has been really well received. 

"Arms in the air in the victory salute," he continues. "He's pulling down his pants! Put up your pants, my man! Pull up those pants! He's being chased to the 30, he breaks a tackle from a security guard."

Just like relaying the events of a touchdown run, Harlan counts down his approach to the end zone — "The 10, the 5, he slides at the 1, and they converge on him at the goal line." 

Harlan finishes up by saying, "Pull up your pants, take off your bra, and be a man!"

Running on the field during a game is a massive risk

Not every runner is a marketing gimmick, though. Complex spoke to Dylan Cressy, who rushed the field during a Cubs-Reds game in Cincinnati and, right before he legged it, Cressy reportedly told his buddy, "I would see him from jail tomorrow." The Indiana University student was apprehended by security after just 15 seconds on the field, but claimed it was totally worth it to meet his heroes. Rushing the field typically "comes with a criminal trespass charge, a night in jail, and a lifetime ban from the venue."

In Ohio, you're looking at up to six months in prison, alongside a $1,000 fine, while in NYC it's up to a year behind bars and fines of up to $25,000. Runners are also risking potential harm, as one Phillies fan discovered after rushing onto the field in 2010 and being tasered for his troubles. According to Cressy, though, the biggest deterrent by far is the possible lifetime ban.

Running the field guarantees a night in jail if nothing else, but most fans don't care if it means meeting their heroes and/or gaining nationwide fame and attention. "It was the most fun I never want to have again," as Cressy put it poetically. He didn't have to pay a fine, thanks to a good record and a judge who attended the game herself.