Below Deck's Izzy Wouters Reveals How She Really Feels About Rob Phillips

Izzy Wouters isn't going to let Rob Phillips' bad attitude stand in the way of her happiness. Wouters was recently promoted to Lead Deckhand in the Jan. 25 episode of Below Deck by Bosun Eddie Lucas (per Bravo). Captain Lee Rosbach was on board with the promotion, but that couldn't be said for everyone. Both Rob Phillips and James Hough didn't take well to the decision, making disrespectful jokes at Wouters' expense, referring to her as "lead shammy" (per Monsters and Critics).

Later, the guys said they were just testing Wouters and making sure she knew what she was getting into. Many fans saw another side of it. Phillips was tweeted at and slammed for his bad behavior throughout the episode. They believed he was not only being petty and jealous, but straight up misogynistic in his actions.

Wouters addressed this on the after-show, saying Phillips was probably suffering from a wounded ego because he'd previously been a captain himself.

Phillips admitted he was wrong, but Wouters says it's not enough

"Having someone younger and probably a little less experienced than him in a position above him might have inflicted a wound on his ego," Izzy Wouters shared. "I thought it was immature and childish." Phillips was also on the after-show and admitted that his comments were "unfair" and "derogatory" (via Monsters and Critics).

Still, Wouters felt Phillips' disrespect warranted a personal apology, as she expressed in an Instagram story. "I'm still yet to receive a sincere apology that isn't on a public forum," she shared. "Also you can do good things for the world and work for badass women and still be a prick. Your words and behaviour on the show can only be edited so much. The truth always comes out and it has. Learn from your mistakes and make a concerted effort to be and do better."