The Untold Truth Of Below Deck's Izzy Wouters

Below Deck's Izzy Wouters just made Bravo history by coming out as a lesbian. Taking to Instagram, the deckhand posted a couple shots of herself onboard looking a bit perturbed and wrote alongside them, "The face of the straight men who slide into my dm's when I say — HELLO MY NAME IS IZZY AND I AM OUT AND PROUD." She added the hashtags #LankyLezzy and #OutAndProud, with a whole slew of rainbow emojis for good measure. Her cast-members flocked to share their support, with Eddie Lucas writing, "Get it girl!! You the best!"

Wouters, who was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, joined Below Deck as a stewardess in Season Eight, and has quickly become a breakout star. As Decider noted in a gushing recap of a recent episode, she's the ideal addition to the cast of the hit show because not only is she super competent, but Wouters is upfront about everything, from her camel-toe to an annoying fly buzzing around her head while the deckhand tries to eat. Suffice it to say, we haven't seen the best of her yet.

Izzy Wouters is ready to show the world who she really is

Wouters wants to help others by coming out publicly. "Throughout history the [LGBTQ] community has been a marginalized community. A lot of our gay friends and family are not comfortable coming out and that shouldn't be [a] problem that we face in society today." She wrote on her Instagram Stories, adding, "coming out helps others in knowing they are not alone and that it is okay to live your life true to yourself. And if me sharing my sexuality helps just one person to feel comfortable in themselves and live their best goddamn life then that's all that matters," (via Hollywood Life). 

The Below Deck star's Bravo bio noting Wouters entered the yachting industry completely by chance, after planning to explore Europe. She certainly has the travel bug, particularly judging by her Instagram, which is filled with shots of Wouters posing in scenic spots. After becoming a certified yacht master, the stewardess and deckhand set her sights on the open seas full time. She takes her job seriously, which is evident from her interactions with crew and charter guests alike on Below Deck. Her social media presence is very optimistic and life-affirming, with the New Zealand native frequently sharing her thoughts on body positivity and how many shots it actually takes to get the perfect selfie. As Season Eight goes on, and with her recent revelation, this is one Below Deck star whose profile is guaranteed to rise exponentially.