Body Language Expert Reveals What Meghan Markle And Queen Elizabeth Really Think Of Each Other

As Meghan Markle started to interact with her famous in-laws, the entire world was watching — waiting for clues as to what they really thought of her. The notoriously tight-lipped royal family knows how to put on a show and display impeccable grace with nearly every one of their interactions. But, Queen Elizabeth's body language may give away more about her true feelings than many realize.

The List spoke with body language expert, Lauren Cohen, an executive and career coach based in Beverly Hills, about the pair's relationship. "The relationship between Meghan Markle and the Queen is complicated and increasingly strained," she explained. As for how she came to that conclusion, Cohen cites the sovereign's cool body language toward her granddaughter-in-law. "The Queen appeared to almost bend over backwards to show Meghan respect and show acceptance," she noted. "The Queen adores her grandson Harry and knows that welcoming someone into the family will make the press go away and is a proper way to behave."

While outspoken Markle didn't fit the mold for the royal family's ideal candidate for Harry's bride, it appears that his grandmother wanted to make her transition to royalty as smooth as possible. "When Meghan became engaged, married, and 'officially a Royal' she seemed desperate to fit in and win the attention of the Queen and the world. As time went on, her goals and ambitions seem to have shifted more."

On the outside, Meghan Markle and the Queen have a lot in common

While an actress and the Queen of England may seem to be worlds apart, the two have a few similarities. "Both the Queen and Meghan love animals and dogs, but the Queen loves corgis while Meghan is all about rescues," Cohen tells The List. "They are both intelligent and shrewd, but the Queen has never done a press interview, while Meghan is attention-seeking and invents ways to attract press."

Plus, they both know what it's like to create what they want. "The Queen was born into power and Meghan has clawed her way to where she is, thanks to her tireless ambition. Both women like to be in charge, but have different styles." Those differences have clearly caused a rift in the relationship. Two women from different countries, different generations, and different worlds are bound to see life in divergent ways. Even though they clearly tried to get along, the chasm may have been too wide to bridge. Cohen thinks that the Queen's attempts to welcome Markle into the family came out of a desire to avoid more press attention that had come along with her grandson's engagement.

"Meghan drank up the attention from the Queen and the nonstop headlines that the two of them were thicker than thieves and that the Queen adores Meghan," she explains. "But is that really what's going on? Never has seemed like that's the truth, but rather just seems like a great way to try and make stories about Meghan go away. The Queen is wise. Her body language is always such that she is in charge."

Meghan Markle always followed protocol and showed deference

Both the Queen and the Duchess of Sussex understand how important public opinion is in their standing. In order to make things easier during her transition to royalty, Meghan Markle went out of her way to show respect to the Queen, Cohen notes. "In their first joint appearance together, we see Meghan as gracious, nervous, courteous, and pleasing to the Queen ... The always-acting Meghan uses her body language to appear respectful by walking behind the Queen, not sitting until the Queen sits, and following all the other royal rules."

Perhaps most notably, "Meghan is not standing as tall as she normally would because she does not want to take attention away from the Queen." But, while the two appear to be getting along, Markle may not have fully received the same extensions of kindness. "Meghan makes an effort to whisper to the Queen toward the end of this video and we all can see the Queen giggle and appear pleased. The Queen always remains facing forward and never truly gives Meghan the same attention."

Cohen seems to think that Markle's movements are carefully calculated and coached, while the Queen's come from her tenure in public service. While the Sussexes' eventual departure from England may have deepened the uncomfortable rift, we won't be able to tell if anything has changed until their next reunion.