The Interesting Way Wendy Williams Is Trying To Find A New Boyfriend

Could we be seeing the makings of a movie sequel? Talk show host Wendy Williams, whose drama-filled life recently made for a juicy plotline in a Lifetime movie (via Twitter) is ready to love again — and she's playing her own version of The Bachelorette in hopes of making a love connection. 

Page Six reports that the producers of The Wendy Williams Show sent out a casting call to entertainment publicists for "fun men that can handle Wendy." They noted that she's "back on the market" following her 2018 divorce from Kevin Hunter amid accusations of his cheating and having a child by one of his mistresses (via CheatSheet). Williams' team also posted an invite on the show's website inviting any interested single men to submit a 30-second video explaining why they want to go on a date with Wendy. Williams herself will be looking at all the videos and narrowing down the field. The three front-runners she picks will be invited to come on the show and state their cases in her version of The Dating Game. The winner will get the coveted night out ... and who knows what might happen from there?

Already, the daytime diva is getting responses, and she recently shared a sneak peek on her show.

At least one candidate has caught Wendy Williams' attention

The call for potential dates seems to be off to a good start. On the "Hot Topics" segment of a recent episode, Wendy Williams played one of the audition clips she's received (seen here on her Twitter account). The would-be suitor identified himself as Julian, a 40-year-old international jazz artist and self-described "all-around good guy" from Kansas City. Julian is someone she could definitely look up to, since he's 6-foot-7. ("What you gonna do with all that?" he asked). He sent some nice-looking photos along with his video, which seemed to impress the talk-show host. "He could literally be 5'10", and he'd still pass," she declared. "But the idea that I get all those extra inches ..." The (socially distanced) studio audience howled. Williams then mused, "I could see him in New York a lot ... at the Blue Note ... my house ... his hotel ..." 

Any interested single guys are welcome to send in their own audition tapes. Via this clip of her show, Wendy Williams lays out a few caveats: Applicants should be over 45 or at least reasonably mature; no boy toys for her. They should be willing to travel to New York if they don't already live in that area. Men hoping to get some publicity for their jobs or brands need not apply. They have to accept her out-there personality. And, oh, yes — "We are not having sex" on this date ... on account of there is no corona here in New York," she joked.