Welcome To Plathville: Here's How Many People Chose Ethan As Their Favorite Over Micah

The sophomore season of Welcome to Plathville certainly upped the ante from the first time around, with the hyper-religious central family fractured into three factions, and each group fighting for their place in the world accordingly. While teens Micah and Moriah branched out on their own for the very first time, newlyweds Ethan and Olivia moved even further away from his domineering parents, Kim and Barry — despite the fact, technically, they still lived pretty close to each other. The sweet young couple endeared themselves to fans via a bunch of funny moments ideal for reality show exploitation. Among them, we watched Olivia get her bellybutton pierced, the duo shopping for alcohol and giggling over funny shot names, and, most surprising of all, getting matching tattoos.

Although young Micah garnered plenty of attention thanks to his hunky modeling work, it seems Ethan remains the resolute fan favorite — even despite his confusion over periods

Ethan is the fan favorite Plath by a wide margin

The List surveyed 652 people in the U.S. to find out who ranked as the favorite among the extended Plath family. Surprisingly, in spite of the show's demonstrable popularity, a whole bunch of respondents — 32.52 percent, to be exact — claimed either to not watch Welcome to Plathville or even to have never heard of it. One person chose Kourtney Kardashian as their fav in spite of the fact that the former E! star is neither a Plath nor a cast member of the show. Bringing up the rear were controversial parents Kim and Barry, who achieved 9.97 percent and 5.83 percent of the votes, respectively — closely followed by teenage singer-songwriter Moriah with 8.74 percent.

Ethan's wife, Olivia, who was accused of leading him astray during the first season of Welcome to Plathville (and has become the show's heroine in a sense ever since), managed a not-too-shabby 12.58 percent of the vote. The top two, however, were undoubtedly Ethan and Micah. 

Although the teen is a hit with female fans, Micah only achieved a slightly higher percentage than Olivia, at 12.88. Meanwhile, Ethan was the out-and-out favorite by a long shot, achieving 17.48 percent of the vote overall. Season 2 was a major moment for the dedicated husband and classic car aficionado and, on this evidence, his star is set to soar even higher.