Here's What Happened To Olga And Steven After 90 Day Fiancé

There are 24 different couples, from all corners of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, battling it out to be named best in show on Love Games, the upcoming discovery+ competition show, hosted by Suki Krishnan. As Meaww reports, plenty of fan favorites are taking part, including Stacey and Florian, Robert and Anny, and Angela and Michael. Even those who have since parted ways, such as Larissa and Eric, are teaming up for a chance at the coveted Love Games crown. 

One of the most interesting inclusions is Olga and Steven. The young couple, who met by chance on the beach one day, had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. However, after welcoming their first child together, a son named Alex, Olga and Steven decided to get married and make her home in America permanent. The wedding took place in 2019 but is this young couple still living in marital bliss or has their relationship curdled?

This young couple is focused on co-parenting their son

Sadly, as Us Weekly reported in October 2020, the couple has separated. "People keep asking if Olga and I are [together] but the answer is, we went into this super blindly," Steven confessed via an Instagram story. He explained, "we're better at being co-parents to our boy. We're both civil and cause no drama because our son's mental health is [our] top priority."

The 90 Day Fiancé star encouraged fans not to assume they know everything based on what they see on social media, before deleting all photos of Olga from his account. However, earlier this year, the situation was complicated somewhat when Olga took to her Instagram story to confirm she's not single, as TV Shows Ace reported. It was unclear whether Olga had started seeing somebody new or decided to rethink the divorce, but Steven seemed to confirm it was the former when he posted on his own stories a couple days later to confirm they are nothing more than "co-parents."

As Screen Rant noted, Olga appeared to be hurt by this, posting about being "dumb" and "naive" before claiming Steven only wants to discuss their relationship when things aren't going well. Olga subsequently reiterated the co-parents line. It's disappointing because the 90 Day Fiancé stars appeared to be on good terms just a month previous, when Olga posted photos of them spending Christmas with Alex. Hopefully they can remain on good terms for their son's sake.