Even The Biggest Office Fans Didn't Notice This Continuity Easter Egg

You can say us fans of the The Office are pretty obsessed with the 2000s mockumentary sitcom — as in we've watched each episode more than once, know all the lyrics to "That One Night" from the incredibly awkward "Dinner Party" episode, and still wince at the idea of Scott's Tots. But even the most dedicated of fans probably missed a few continuity Easter eggs throughout the nine-season show, and we're kind of freaking out.

Now that more and more viewers are streaming the acclaimed comedy series, there's more of a chance to replay scenes and really get familiar with the infamous Scranton, Pennsylvania, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company office (via Looper). In fact, one Redditor said a few months back they've "lost count of how many times [they've] watched the greatest show ever, but [are] still noticing things [they] didn't see before." And the discovery was worth it: They uncovered one of the biggest, and most hilarious, Easter eggs on The Office to date.

Easter eggs you probably missed on The Office

During Dwight's very real fire drill, Jim and Andy use the Dunder Mifflin copy machine to force open the door, ruining the machine. No one misses it — it's old after all — and viewers are meant to never think about it again. Or are they? Many episodes later, regional manager Michael Scott quits Dunder Mifflin and starts his own Michael Scott Paper Company, taking employees Pam and Ryan with him to work in a closet (via Looper).

As Redditor u/alrod420 realized, Michael Scott's paper copier is the same one ruined by Jim and Andy, marked with the word "TRASH" written on it. It seems Scott took advantage of the events at hand once he left to start his own company, recalling the idiom "one man's trash is another man's treasure." We really can't get over this Easter egg, showing Scott is a lot more resourceful than we thought — and that he was probably a bit strapped for cash.

Another continuity Easter egg on The Office is more obvious, but equally hilarious. According to Looper, fans have pointed out that the fish in the Michael Scott Paper Company's fishbowl is constantly changing, going from bright orange, to brown, to black — meaning Michael Scott is really bad at keeping his fish alive. And for that matter, his own company too (ouch!). Now, excuse us while we go watch The Office for the fifth time just to hunt for more Easter eggs. Yep, totally worth it.