Inside Josh And Lauren Swickard's Relationship

General Hospital star Josh Swickard is known for his hunky good looks, his legendary role as Detective Harrison Chase on GH, and now, for being a soon-to-be-father with his wife Lauren Swickard (née York). The couple just announced the incredible news on Lauren's Instagram, posting a photo of Lauren holding a positive pregnancy test with Josh kissing her belly. 

Lauren's caption reads: "@joshswickard and I have kept this secret long enough. Our dream come true. Baby girl, we can't wait to meet you! 6 weeks until you're here!!! We love you SO MUCH!" Confirming she's already 33 weeks pregnant, Lauren told Access Hollywood that "it's been [their] little secret for the last eight months." We're so excited about the news, we took a deep dive into the couple's whirlwind relationship ... and it's just about the most romantic thing ever.

According to Nicki Swift, Josh and Lauren officially met just two days before starting filming their 2017 movie Roped, where they would play a rodeo cowboy and a councilman's daughter who fall in love. There was an immediate connection (if you've seen the film, there are major fireworks) but the budding romance almost didn't happen.

All the details on Josh and Lauren Swickard's relationship

Lauren told Metro that Josh Strickland's part almost went to another actor, but that "the other person didn't know how to ride horses so they ended [up] taking Josh." The pair didn't start dating while filming though, preferring to focus on their work. Once they wrapped, Josh told Metro that "obviously we felt that connection so afterwards we started to hang out." Even director Shaun Piccinino has said the screen tests made clear the couple's "immediate chemistry" (via Cinemaholic), showcased in their first on-screen kiss, so their relationship wasn't surprising in the least.

As their love blossomed, Josh decided to pop the question while on vacation with Lauren in Colorado, acting out the word "proposal" (via Over the Moon). They opted for an Old Hollywood wedding in Ohio in 2019, married by Josh's minister father. In fact, it was actually Josh's father who gave him relationship advice from the start, telling him to "know a girl in every season" before marriage. Josh waited it out, realized she was "still the one," and they lived happily ever after (via Soaps in Depth).

Now that the couple is very pregnant, new details have emerged on that, too. Lauren told Access Hollywood that they became pregnant while filming their latest Netflix movie A California Christmas, which definitely explains the fiery chemistry we see on screen. Now that the news is out, Josh posted on his own Instagram that he's "so excited for this next chapter of life," and we really can't get over the cuteness!