Donald Trump Jr. Just Made A Huge Mistake Amid The Ted Cruz Backlash

Embattled Senator Ted Cruz may be back on American shores after an ill thought out jaunt to Cancun, Mexico with his wife and daughters, but the criticism and the memes are still coming in fast and furious. Still, just when you thought Cruz wouldn't get any support while drifting in the open waters of social media, Donald Trump Jr. came to the rescue. As the former president might have done before getting a lifetime ban, Don Jr. took to Twitter to send out a message of support for one of his father's greatest supporters. 

But Trump Jr.'s rally for the controversial Cruz fell a bit flat leaving social media users more than  confused about just who he could have been referring to, when he said: "The hypocrisy of those trying to cancel Ted Cruz who have been totally silent on their Democrat Governor's incompetence is telling. My thoughts on the Cancún Cruz fauxoutrage! #Cruz #CancunGate is fake."

Texas governor Greg Abbott is a Republican

Social media users could have thought Donald Trump Jr. might have had a few too many, because Texas' incumbent governor, Greg Abbott, is a Republican, and they took to social media to remind the former president's son of that fact. "The Governor of Texas is a Republican, sonny. Just like the Governors of Oklahoma and Arkansas. But those states didn't have their core infrastructure completely melt down. And their Senators didn't get caught jetting off while their citizens froze in their homes. Try to keep up," tweeted one user. Another took the opportunity to take the GOP to task for what he felt were the party's sins against the state, saying: "... The Governor of Texas is a Republican. The state Legislature is controlled by Republicans. Their power grid failure was caused by deregulation and the failure of private corporations to invest capital in their infrastructure."

Another user simply used Don Jr.'s comment to shed light on what invested parties might have been doing for the state, sharing: "GOP Gov. Abbott spent the day wrongly blaming his incompetence on windmills. Private citizen @BetoORourke mobilized volunteers to do welfare checks for several hundred thousand Texas seniors. NY Rep @AOC raised $1M for Texas. What did you or @SenTedCruz do for Texas?"

Donald Trump Jr. continues to support Ted Cruz

But what if we were to give Don Jr. the benefit of the doubt over this tweet? What if we were taking his words out of context, and he was referring to any old state, with any old Democratic governor? Don Jr. himself might have put that line of thinking to rest after he posted a video on Rumble, saying that "In the grand scheme of things, [Cruz is] a senator. He doesn't manage crisis in states. That's a governor's job." Don Jr. also refused to get behind what he called attempts to cancel Ted Cruz, even though he tried to simultaneously slap him with the nickname "Cancun Cruz" which he thought would be worthy of something his dad would say. Through all that, he still maintained he "couldn't get on the bandwagon" against Cruz (via HuffPost).

While Trump Jr. refuses to get behind calls asking Cruz to resign, there are many others that are more invested in the state than the former president's son might be, and they don't feel the same way. The Houston Chronicle says it may be time for him to go, and that "Texans' anger with Ted Cruz right now could power an entire electrical grid" because his re-election bid was fueled by his "claims of compassion and advocacy for suffering Texans" in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey (via HuffPost).