90 Day Couples Dish On Infidelity And Other Dramatic Topics On Love Games - Exclusive

Reality television hooks viewers in seconds, there's no denying it, but romantic reality television shows have a power all their own. There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching a couple fall in love from the comfort of your couch, or following their journey week after week. The real fans can get so hooked on a couple's storyline that they feel part of it, that something terrible will happen to their favorite star-crossed lovers if they don't tune in every week. And leave it to 90 Day Fiancé to provide some of those realty television favorites.

With the launch of discovery+, fans of the 90 Day franchise have gotten to invite another show into the mix — Love Games, a game show-style reality competition for ultimate 90 Day glory. The show, consisting of 24 couples, puts some of the 90 Day favorites head to head in a showdown for the ages. Who really knows their partner the best? What drama and tension is revealed?

The List sat down with the host of Love Games, Suki Krishnan, who dished as much as she could about the show and the revealing information it includes. From allegations of cheating, to tragic revelations, Love Games includes just about everything. So sit tight, because the 90 Day couples dished on infidelity and other dramatic topics in the show Love Games.

What does host Suki Krishnan have to say about the drama that Love Games reveals?

We love a good spoiler, and Suki Krishnan told The List that things get pretty heated between 90 Day Fiancé couple Evelin and Corey during the Love Games competition. Corey was allegedly in Las Vegas with another person from the 90 Day universe during a "break" from Evelin, and according to Krishnan, the confrontation we've all been waiting for happens during Love Games. "It's good," Krishnan revealed. "That's all I'll say." 

Of course, we wanted the host to dish on just about everything, but Krishnan did tell The List about what the process was like of uncovering the dramatic topics while hosting the show. "We go undercover because that's what being in love is all about. It's all those salacious, juicy details that you get to taste, and it connects the dots sometimes on some of these storylines," Krishnan said. "I feel like the show really is going to give us such a deeper insight into so many of the people that we've all watched their journeys unfold, but this seems like a whole new level." 

And we honestly can't wait to see how the process on Love Games unfolds, because with the teasers we've gotten our hands on so far, who's to say just how dramatic the show and its revelations get.

This contestant revealed her struggles to Suki while on the show

For all the drama that Love Games brings to the screen, it also brings other kinds of tension to the fore. Suki Krishnan revealed to The List that amid the reality television craziness and the unscripted nature of the show, some contestants revealed highly personal things about themselves. This includes Angela, who divulged her struggles with infertility while competing on Love Games. 

"Angela really talks about some personal struggles," Krishnan said. "[Another contestant] then shared her own personal journey when it came to Angela's struggle with infertility because she wants to have a baby ... it's just a little teaser of just the genuine nature of the show." Krishnan shared that for all the laughs, the small tiffs between couples, and the flare for dramatics that Love Games brings to the viewers, the show at its core tells the real life stories of people going through the trials of everyday life. 

"What makes us unique? Why is someone's story so engaging that you can relate to them? You could feel their pain," Krishnan said. "You go through those joys and those moments of not feeling good enough."

Love Games is now streaming on discovery+.