The Sweet Meaning Behind Bindi Irwin's Nursery Theme

Bindi Irwin's pregnancy just keeps on getting cuter by the minute. Being the daughter of the late "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin is awesome enough as it is, and she has helped continue her father's legacy through her work at the Australia Zoo and her TV appearances promoting wildlife conservation. Now, her baby girl is just a few weeks away from making an appearance, and it's obvious that Bindi and her husband, Chandler Powell, will be raising her in the family tradition. The couple already lives on-site at the zoo, so their daughter will get plenty of exposure to fascinating animals such as echidnas, wallabies, koalas, wombats, and rhinoceros iguanas. 

Then at home, Baby Girl Powell will get lots of fur-baby time with the family's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, along with any other pets her parents opt to bring in. Even her nursery has a wildlife atmosphere, with one particular animal standing out among the flowers and butterflies. Bindi recently revealed the special reason she chose the theme for her daughter's room.

Bindi Irwin's nursery reflects her mother's 'grandma' name

In late January, Bindi Irwin shared a photo on her Instagram account that gave fans a glimpse of her nursery. The soothing pastel decor is heavy on images of rabbits, as a loving nod to her mom, Terri. She recently revealed to The Bump that rather than going with a traditional name like Grandma or Nana, she and Terri wanted something with an animal connection. Ultimately they went with Bunny, which was also the nickname of a grandmotherly neighbor Terri knew as a child. "With my sweetheart mum being called 'Bunny,' I had to include some woodland creatures in our nursery designs. Bunnies seemed like the perfect theme for our girl's nursery," Bindi told the parenting site.

Terri isn't the only one who'll have a special nickname. Irwin added that brother Robert now wants to go by "Funcle" (as in "fun uncle"), and that her daughter will affectionately be known as "Baby Wildlife Warrior," after her father's term for those who show their support for animals.

What about the actual name of Bunny's granddaughter/Funcle Robert's niece? That's still to be determined. Bindi told The Bump, "We are waiting to meet her before we decide on a name. We want to hold her and make sure the name that we choose fits her perfectly." She added that they may go with a family name, but "once she arrives, we'll know exactly what to name her."