What You Don't Know About Pop My Pet's Dr. Grant Dunbar

Who is Dr. Grant Dunbar?

Ahead of next week's debut of a new one-hour streaming special on Discovery+, Pop My Pet, details about Dr. Dunbar's are being uncovered. Pop My Pet follows Dr. Dunbar and fellow veterinarians, Dr. Jackie Duenas and Dr. Cody Creelman, as they attempt to save their furry patients from masses, including lumps, tumors, and cysts.

On the official website of his office, the Chino Hills Animal Hospital and Pet Resort in San Bernardino County, California, Dr. Dunbar is named as the "practice owner" and described as having "a strong background in reproduction medicine." It is also noted that he leads his team at the hospital and is an accomplished surgeon with experience in "all aspects of Breeder medicine."

Another page of the website, which introduces the veterinary team of his practice, reveals that Dr. Dunbar has had a passion for healing animals since he was a young boy, and would frequently bring home strays and abandoned animals in need of a safe place to call home. He even took it upon himself to spend time at his father's hospital in hopes of gaining knowledge about how he should be caring for his animals. 

Dr. Grant Dunbar worked as an emergency vet

Once Dr. Dunbar was grown, he pursued his doctorate degree at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, before completing an internship program at the Animal Emergency Medical Center in Los Angeles. From there, Dr. Dunbar worked as an emergency vet, general practitioner, and surgeon, and ultimately opened his own practice.

"Dr. Grant Dunbar looks forward to providing you and your beloved pet with the quality care he has worked most of his life perfecting," the practice's website states.

In a press release shared by The Futon Critic on February 24, Pop My Pet is described as a "wild behind-the-scenes" look at the extreme cases presented to skilled veterinarians. During the upcoming special, viewers will watch as Dr. Dunbar operates on a hanging lump on a Maltese dog named Sweet Pea. "Is it cancer, a hernia or something less sinister? Dr. Grant does all he can to make sure Sweet Pea continues living a sweet life," the release teases.

Pop My Pet begins streaming on Discovery+ on Monday, March 1. To join the conversation on social media, use the #PopMyPet hashtag.