Never Step Onto An Airplane With These Shoes

Many of us have this idea that traveling via plane is glamorous, and this is true – to an extent. You are breaking out of your everyday routine, sampling new cuisines, and splurging on a "vacation wardrobe." All of these are absolutely glam! 

But then there is the reality of travel. Long lines, uncomfortable airplane seats, and one too many bags of peanuts. We get that you want to live out your fabulous travel visions while dressing up for the fantasy role of a jet-setting heiress. But by no means should you accessorize your trendy travel look with a certain type of shoe (don't worry, we'll get there).

The best thing we can recommend for the sake of your feet (and your overall happiness) is to choose comfort over style when it comes to your plane footwear. Travel days are filled with the unexpected. No matter how much you plan ahead, you could still end up running into a sudden gate change or back to security to grab your forgotten phone. So be ready for the unexpected hustle by wearing shoes that will allow you to get from the parking lot to your assigned seat without a blister or sprained ankle.

Avoid the too tight and opened-toe options

A sudden jog through the airport is one thing, but then there is the time spent on the plane to consider. Yes, you may be just sitting, but the expectations for your long-awaited vacation isn't the only thing that is growing while you pass the halfway point to your destination. Long periods of inactivity while sitting with your feet on the floor can lead to increased pressure in your leg veins, and to some pretty hefty foot swelling (via Mayo Clinic). To prevent this, avoid wearing shoes that may have been a bit snug to begin with. Possible swelling could lead to some major foot discomfort which isn't part of anyone's dream vacation plans.

Sure, tight shoes may become an issue while on the flight, but you shouldn't try and fix it by wearing easy-to-slide-on flip-flops either. They're convenient on the beach but downright dangerous for travel. Exposed feet are the last thing you want when you're spending the day around luggage, moving walkways, and hundreds, if not thousands, of other hurried travelers trampling about in crowded walkways (per Lonely Planet).

You can still be stylish and avoid traveling discomforts if you invest in a good-fitting pair of moccasins, ballet flats, tennis shoes, or flat yet still supportive business shoes (via USA Today). After all, the journey is just as important as the destination. So fasten your seat belts and prepare for take-off starting from the footwear.